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D&D on NPR


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What..WHAT? You mean there's D&D for COMPUTERS now?




Anyhoo..a quote from the article.



Dungeons and Dragons requires 4-, 8-, 12- and 20-sided dice -- each of the so-called “Platonic solids” of classical geometry.


NOTE the much-beloved-to-wizards four-sider dice. BUT no mention of the elusive three-sider they keep mentioning in the rule book. I remember first time I saw that, I was like "HOW?"


Also note nowhere in the article do they mention editions, newer revised editions,and THACO


Teehee..but where'd we be without the cornerstone of fantasy gaming. Happy b-day D&D! :B):

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Hey, if someone wants a stat that high, I say, "Let 'em." People will start following them around, scribes taking down every word. Dungeon crawls become impossible, as hordes of fans try to crowd down the 10x10 corridor. The PC says "Why don't you just drop dead?" and fans have been known to lapse into comas. PCs who rebuke their followers drive followers to suicide.


All this presents problems for the good characters, who should be troubled by their slide toward evil. And evil PCs will find that their new fame starts bringing those goody-goody-two-shoes out of the woodwork, all determined to liberate the hordes of brain-washed masses.


Gods start getting seriously ticked that some mere mortal is so charismatic. Random plagues and natural disasters begin to occur. Avatars start appearing, and demonstate the diety's anger in a very close and personal way.


See, it would be fun.


Dang, I need to find time to start running my Hackmaster game again.

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