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Legion Mazda, scratchbuilt Cyberpunk transport

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Wanted to share another piece I built recently. What a friend of mine has dubbed the Legion Mazda. A corporate VIP Aerodyne Vehicle inspired by cyberpunk 2077's Rayfield Excalibur. I hope I've done it justice. 






Mostly happy with the results. Made from foam core, paper, cardboard and a little greenstuff and styrene. Managed to get a working (if a tad fragile and fiddly) door. And this is my first pice incorporating working lights! A departure for me style wise as I had to resist my every instinct and not weather it. Meaning I had to be extra careful with painting in order to maintain a corporate sleek look.


The name was given to it by a good friend on account of me cannibalizing starwars legions boxes in it's construction leading to accidentally prominent branding and the name stuck. 


I hope you all enjoy my work.



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Wow, all around!  I love the angular exterior contrasted with what looks like plush inner furnishings.  I could SO imagine this as a prop from some 1980s "dystopian future" film -- the exterior being a relatively simple model with lots of flat surfaces either because they needed to make it possible to do some early-CGI "flying car" cut-scenes (hence a very simple model), OR because this thing was a set prop built up with pieces of plywood built up over some real-world thing used on site.


I especially love the "'80s flying car" wheel/nacelles: Those definitely remind me of the closest thing to a "flying car" in old R. Talsorian Games Cyberpunk.  (Basically, there were "flying ambulances" that essentially "flew" with Harrier-style jump jets over a limited radius in super-metropolis sprawls, ferrying corporate med-evac teams who'd come in to rescue the well-connected ... or someone otherwise able to pay their astronomical fees.  I rather wished they would have put out a campaign focused on those med-evac teams.  I thought it would be interesting to play a PC on such a team -- on missions to blast into lawless parts of town, extract some corporate type, and whisk him off to safety.  Quite possibly you might have to pick up patients who were on opposing sides in the firefight, but both subscribed to the same med-evac service, so better hope they don't regain consciousness en route!  😄  )


 I'm wondering *how* you did the wheel-nacelles?  I could imagine using some sort of flip-top cap from a drinking bottle for something like it, but I don't think I've ever seen such a cap that looked quite like that, per se. 

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Thanks! This was in fact directly inspired by Cyberpunk! And I may do a Trama team AV in the near future as well. 


The round parts of the wheel nacelles are actually miniature based. The back ones are GW ones and the front ones came with some Cyberpunk Red miniatures I got from Monster Fight Club. I built the thruster section from styrene. 

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