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ReaperCon 2021 Master list of links.

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The different swag boxes for ReaperCon 2021 are now available for Pre-Order!
The estimated ship date for these is August, since we have KS fulfillment right around the corner we wanted to make sure we had time to do these right!

Shop here: https://cutt.ly/injoTbJ



mega bundle.jpg


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    • By Reaper_Jon
      Greetings all,
      This is Ed Pugh making this post~
      This weekend, I sat down and read several weeks’ worth of posts. (I would like to call out Andrew Miller and his post made to the tune of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. Fun stuff!) 
      I would like to thank ALL of the people making comments here. I especially focused on comments made by upset backers. Your comments are helpful, and this is how we learn. We might not be able to fix everyone’s problems at this time, but they will all be addressed in future planning discussions. 
      Now down to business. I’m making this post because I realized last night that in the rush to get everything going, no one was assigned to monitor the KS comments. In the past, that duty fell on the shoulders of Matt Clark, but he retired last year. That’s on us and we will have someone dedicated to poking their head in here.
      UPDATES: “Official” updates occur twice a month on the KS Updates Section. Everything that is important is in these updates.
      We will also answer questions, show pictures, promote, and discuss the KS on all our social media platforms. Because a lot can occur during the two-week intervals between Official Updates, many pictures, discussions, and information not contained in the prior Official Update will show up on these social media sites.
      In the end, if ALL you read are the Official Updates you will receive more than enough information to be up to date. 
      While this is not an official update, I’m going to shed some light on a few things.
      1) What should I do about defects, missing parts, or missing order items?
      Send an email to our customer service department at [email protected] Our team will take care of you.
      2) UPS just sent me a notification that my order is going to my old address. What should I do?
      Go to UPS MyChoice and redirect it https://www.ups.com/us/en/services/tracking/mychoice.page?
      3) What are the EU and UK start dates?
      We are confirming AU is still July 5th. The UK has their container and is getting ready, but no hard date at this moment. We will have one next week.
      4) Where is the last container for the US Warehouse?
      The last container is still stuck in Los Angeles.
      We are working each day to break this log jam. I hope for word on Tuesday when everyone returns back to work. 
      5) Why are some Waves going back and forth?
      Shipments are combined and stacked in the order pulling queue. They are then printed in batches. “Wave hopping” sometimes does occur. Simple examples that can cause this are the picker/puller grabs a pull ticket from the wrong stack or from the back of the stack (printed pull tickets are stacked in a tray on their sides). We try our best. The good news is that we are usually done pulling in a few weeks.
      6) Why is Canadian shipping different this time?
      We have used UPS to get shipments into Canada every KS except KS1. UPS prepares shipping options based on the data for Canada. Location, package count, sizes, weights etc. They in turn present the options to us. We will generally choose the cheapest option that still balances service with price.
      In the past it was cheaper for us to use the service in which we imported the packages to ourselves as a non-resident importer. This option required Reaper to pay the 5% GST as the importer. We were unable to collect or bill backers for the 5% GST we paid as we are not registered with Canada to collect anything. In summary, it was cheaper for us to pay the GST to send your package.
      I do not know what changed between Canada and the USA, but this time the service we used in the past was substantially more expensive than direct service. Direct service is a better option and came with better tracking and UPSMyChoice. There are NO duties on US products. In the end, you are paying your local sales tax and GST and an entry fee based on the size of your order.
      I want to thank everyone for their participation and support of the Kickstarter. Please continue to post your comments. They do all get read. Please stay safe~
    • By Reaper_Jon
      09907 - Fantasy Flesh - Coming soon! 

      There is no June, New release. Since we are expecting fulfillment for this month we decided to push these back one month. Making these release in July 2021. Bones Black Plastic Miniatures 44141 Rune Wight Warriors (2) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
      44142 Rune Wight Hunters (2) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
      44143 Rune Wight Thane and Jarl (2) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
      44144 Dragonfolk Wizard and Cleric by Julie Guthrie $6.99
      44145 Dragonfolk Bard and Thief by Julie Guthrie $6.99
      44146 Dragonfolk Fighter and Ranger by Julie Guthrie $6.99
        Dark Heaven Legends Metal Miniatures 04048 Catfolk Ranger by Julie Guthrie $7.99 04049 Catfolk Rogue by Julie Guthrie $7.99
      04050 Catfolk Warrior by Julie Guthrie $7.99
      04051 Catfolk Paladin by Julie Guthrie $7.99
      04052 Catfolk Mage by Julie Guthrie $7.99
        Bones USA Plastic Miniatures - Made in the USA 30006 TBA  $3.99
    • By buckyball
      Hey its buc. I have run games of Rangers of Shadowdeep at Reapercon and the Reaper online conventions. Is there enough interest for me to run Rangers of Shadowdeep at Reapercon in person this year? Would it be better to put my effort into Stargrave and or Frostgrave?
    • By buckyball
      I was considering running a game at Reapercon this year (assuming it happens). Is there interest in Stargrave as a convention event? Are other people planning on running the game at the convention?
    • By Reaper_Jon
      Hey everyone, This is a long one. (But should happen once a quarter)
      It's time for a quarterly update on where things are at and what is going on! So I'll just get right to it! 
      ・`The Power Palette` has just returned to reapermini.com, if you have used the feature or are going to use it we would love any feedback you have with it. you can check it out here: https://www.reapermini.com/powerpalette
      ・In addition to the Power Palette, we are working on the new `Inspiration Gallery`! You will be able to submit entries into the Gallery by SKU number, once it has gone through the approval process and accepted, it will show up in that SKU's inspiration gallery. The current ETA on this is a few weeks away (3-4) but that could change if major bugs or something hinders that. 
      ・Along side these features there is a `Community Contest` feature that is also in the pipeline, Much like at RVE for those events, you will be able to log into reapermini.com and then go to the contest section to see if there are any contest running and their individual info. Things like the Quarterly contest and other things we have ideas for will be going through this system, to allow more people to enter into these contest! 
      Current Events & Contest:
      ・The 17th Quarterly contest has just started, chosen by the last winner Apryl Mott, it is the Female Minotaur 77752. You can find all the info here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95312-17th-quarterly-contest/
      ・The Reaper Challenge League is also going on and has entered its second quarter! This league is designed for you to challenge yourself and earn points while doing so, either working through your Shelf of opportunity or trying new techniques that need practice. you can read all the info here #rules-and-info section on the discord.
      Twitch Streams:
      ・We have made the decision to not continue Miniature Monday this quarter, Minipainting Studio will still be doing a version of their Miniature Monday over on their streams on all platforms! We wish all the luck and success to MPS, all their links can be found below:
      Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/theminipaintingstudio
      Twitch > https://www.twitch.tv/minipaintingstudio
      Website > https://minipainting.studio
      Patreon of Goodness! > https://patreon.com/minipaintingstudio
      ・In addition to this we have tons of shows in the works and will release details and times as these get closer to premiering!
      ・One such new show is called `"Town Hall"` where the idea is that we get together one time each month and discuss any ideas or plans for events, contest, ideas, or just to hang out with each other! 
      Bones 5 KickStarter:
      ・please read any updates here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-5-escape-from-pizza-dungeon/posts
      We are on track to do the fastest fulfilling that we've ever done! We plan to live stream the order pulling each day and have frequent videos/updates posted during the process.
      `NA/SA:` 3 trucks have arrived with a few more in the next couple of days, the last containers should be arriving at the end of April.
      `UK/EU:` 2 containers are on the way currently, once processed and arrived, fulfillment will start. Stay tuned on the updates page.
      `AUS:` 2 containers are on the way currently, once processed and arrived, fulfillment will start. Stay tuned on the updates page.
      New Releases:
      ・The current new release just released today: https://www.reapermini.com/newreleases
      You can keep up to date on the releases by checking the forum post that gets updated regularly: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93698-new-releases-2021-updated-often/
      As well as the preview section for upcoming items here: https://www.reapermini.com/previews
      ReaperCon 2021
      ・ReaperCon 2021 is happening Labor Day weekend in Denton Tx at the Denton convention center, we are planning this event as if it were today and trying to make it as safe as possible for attendees! We are currently putting together a FAQ for all the questions going around in the community. We look forward to seeing everyone's half covered faces soon! 

      Below are important links: 
      `Hotels:` https://reapercon.com/venue
      `Website:` https://reapercon.com/
      `Tickets:` https://purchase.growtix.com/eh/ReaperCon_2021
      `Important forum post regarding MSP entries:` https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/23-reapercon/
      Swag boxes will be coming down the line so stay tuned on all socials for all upcoming news! Some of the next big things that are coming up are Teacher Sign-ups and Vendors.
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