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I have 12 of these shipping containers to do, and after the first one I did months ago I decided to do the rest in one big batch. Just finished my second one last night,  I have 10 more left. 


I didn't take any photos of the first steps, but it's easy enough to explain.  First they were primed with black spray primer, then the "rust" applied using Siri's rust tutorial. 


I didn't use the Reaper paints Siri used, these are all craft paints that were stippled on with some old stiff brushes. I made my own "recipe" card, shown here:



When doing the rust, I put it primarily on the corners and edges, with a few random spots on sides and tops. Most of this will be covered up by whatever color paint I decide to use for each container,  but it was just as easy to use a big brush and go overboard as it would have been to be more precise. It gives more options later, too.



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I did one side of one container to show my steps.  Future containers I will just show in progress shots.


Here is the side with the primer and rust:



Next step is to stipple my base container color around the edges in order to blend the rust:



Next step I paint in the rest of the side:



My paint coverage isn't even or completely smooth, but that just helps the look.


Next up I used a finer brush to paint the higher ridges to break up the rust into the lower channels:



Finally,  I used a heavy dry brush to put a lighter red onto the high points. Not sure it shows up in this photo:



Again, my coverage isn't even, I don't care if it is, as it helps the uneven look that most containers have.

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