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My 3 year old had been exploring my basement paintbstation and fallen in love with the "elephant. " Yesterday I glued and primed it for painting. About 60% got covered in rainbow splotches of  craft paint

20210530_102139.jpg.c5d4bf65b88671a7136c39a790d36e5d.jpgbefore child abandoned the project to play with recently varnished terrain.


I smoothed out all the blobs of paint to vaguely cover everything in a greenish/pinkish/brownish grey.


We may paint more, or else I'll paint some eyes and seal it.

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I did the tusks creamy Ivory, and the eyes as well. And a mix with light grey for the toenails. So far a toddler approves. I like it and am happy to leave as is, unless the kid wants to do more.



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I have found that pictures are by far the hardest thing to do when painting miniatures!  In my early days, I had a fairly expensive digital camera and had to figure out how to use macro button and a photo station for pictures, and even still I struggled with them.  


Nowadays (I don't paint as much anymore) I simply use the camera on my iPhone, which is actually a pretty good camera.  I have set up a photo booth by pulling out a drawer in my desk, throwing a book across it, using a small white box (the kind mantic miniatures come in) and propping up a blue piece of foam paper behind it.  If I am feeling really adventurous, I will even grab the desk light and move it around to get the lighting in an ok position, while propping my phone on the drawer to steady it before snapping the shot.  The results are not half bad.  


Hope this helps mate!  From what I can see it looks like a solid paint job, and thankful to the little one for helping choose what to paint!  

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