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2021 Memorial Day Weekend Paint Binge


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Noble lady or courtesan?  Make a perception roll. 




3d printed John H. Damon, from Kazrak Studio.  He likes to read old books but doesn't always pronounce the words correctly.




About the time I finished that I decided I wanted some music, so I reached for one of my favorite CD albums and it took a couple seconds for my brain to process what my eyes were telling me, that the plastic case was moving, in fact it was crawling up my arm.... at which point I screamed and flung it across the room. 


All the recent rain caused an ant nest to move into the basement under my CD player.  Ugh!  We specially sealed the basement last year during our remodel to avoid the little crawlies.  And now they were every-freakin-where, the shelf, the wall, in my tea, ick!  Gross! Half an hour of painting time lost to cleaning up.  


IMG_20210531_145123753.jpg.e7b71c4f2d302931d62a816ac4316e4c.jpg Now I know what losing sanity feels like. 



Continuing on... not sure when GW's Island of Blood Reef came out, but I've had this guy half painted for a long time. Finally decided to stop messing around with NMM and glazed over him.  Found a suitably skullerific base and called it done: 




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Wrapping up the evening:


Mr & Mrs Bones:




Giant Crab:




Succubus Queen (aka Sophie's Mom).  Awesome sculpt, less than awesome plastic cast.  I don't think it's allowed for me to show the entire model. 




Didn't get these little guys finished, but they are at least on bases now. 






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    • By Inarah
      AKA: Sophie's mom.  This is a model that really needs to be made in metal.  It's just awful in plastic.  Anyway, she sat on my paint table a long time before inspiration broke through and I did the wings. The rest just took patience. 

      Frontal view  also available
    • By Cassu
      Been tinkering with painting again, worked on my Eilluvasheth the Succubus Queen and painted her up in the colour scheme of Alexstasza from World of Warcraft. Despite boiling her and quick-cooling her she still had a bit of a lean but she was fun to paint.
      Here are the links to the front views since she has nipple pasties:
      I made a small tutorial on my Instagram about how to make the flower petals I used on the base: https://www.instagram.com/cassusadventures

    • By R2ED
      Another one in for the weekend. 
      This one was a scheme i saw on a YouTube artist's channel named CatGut.  Odd, yes but his painting and tutorials are great.  Saw him do a coconut crab on a Tyranid for Warhammer ad thought I'd give it a try.  I really like it. 
      * colors were pretty straight forward: orange brown, German black brown, and white.  Easy!
      *  laying out the color map was also nice and simple.  Had to work around a few bumpy spots, but nothing terrible. 
      *  spent less time than my previous crab, which i thought was going to be more.  Dotting was faster than i expected. 
      * Didn't follow the method exactly.  Dots are inconsistent. 
      *  not a fan of having done the legs all the way down. Should have done less on the appendages.  Not bad, but could be better. 
      * need to finish off the mouth and eyes still.  Wish the eyes could stick out, but they are going to probably be just black.
      This was a fun one to paint and the instructions from his video was excellent.  Now i have two very distinct crabs.  Yay.

    • By R2ED
      Finished and based. 
      (Just know i was told i should toss this into show off and not as a continuation of my WIP post). 
      If we're not supposed to double, let me know.  

    • By R2ED
      I sure hope the subjects are catchy enough.  I try to make them somewhat novel.
      Here we go again - it's the weekend and time to get some paint on some minis.
      Our little crustacean friend here was taken from some inspiration I saw doing a google search for a crab.  Although, I want to warn anyone before they do inspirational search online with the term "crabs."  Thankfully I have a strong constitution and barred through it.  I found one called Blue Crab and loved the image.  See below the image.  From that I came up with this little guy.  I'm pretty happy with the results.
      Battle Report!
      * The blending of brown to blue worked really well!  Using a prussian blue at the base of the carapace and working it out toward the first notch in the leg, then while paint was still wet, taking my carapace brown and blending right into it.  SUPER thrilled with the results.
      * The black little beady eyes were fun and perfect for this guy.
      * Using browns to do the highlighting.  I tried drybrushing, but it didn't pick up the colors like I wanted, so I ended up just dotting the paint on the little ridges of the shell - worked way better!
      *  Color combination seemed to work well and I'm very happy with this weird little color scheme:Brown, Tan, Blue
      * The color on the smaller arm I thought would be fun to make all blue like it grows into the larger brown version, but oh well.  Color does help bring the attention forward, but not happy with the all blue arm.
      *  I couldn't figure out how to make the maw stand out.  There's nothing I could really do to it, so I am not sure what would highlight that.
      *  The ridges between the arms and each leg I wanted to stand out more, too.  I was thinking of black-lining, but I'm too worried I'll mess it up.  Help?
      Overall, it's moving right along.  More to come!

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