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oooooOOOOOOOOHHH WHAT A RUSH!!! Heroclix Executioner conversion to barbarian hero

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Executioner from Marvel Comics, another cheaply acquired mini ideal for conversion to a fantasy character.

There were a few things I considered first, like just an ordinary greek hero in a leather cuirass, or a chaotic barbarian to go with my converted Anval Thricedamned and that Battlemasters chaos archer...



But in the end, that hair only left me with one option. An homage to professional wrestler Road Warrior Hawk.

I couldn't exactly spike up his cuirass thanks to his very dynamic pose, but I think it still works well, the head is pretty accurate and the studded armbands help bring forth that "Mad Max wrestler" feel.




Now where can I find a compatible mini for Road Warrior Animal, I wonder....

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