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I have found myself with some time on my hands and so I have been able to produce a lot more than I normally would. Here is a few more minis off the list.


Ogre Chieftain 

There is a challenge 16 ogre in 5e DnD that this mini would be perfect for.




I love his shield with all the trophies.



Misc. metal reaper orcs




Hats off to Jason Wiebe the sculptor of the model. I didn't really finish him, I just stopped painting. Every time I painted something, a new detail and layer would appear. 



Vance Treadwell

I was happy with the blending on the cloak. Came out a little shinier with the matte spray than I wanted. 



Peasant Girl

This is from a bunch of minis that I bought from Tiny Furniture. 



"They have a Cave Troll!" - Boromir

So it's not that one, but I think my players will find this one memorable. 



I don't think I can keep up this level of production, but we'll see.

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Love the tile.  Also got the coveted 'mini I wasn't interested in until seeing someone else's paint job' award for Kavorgh.  On the old wish list he goes!

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Nice bunch. The ogre and Kavorgh are my favorites - nice work with the browns and the grittiness... and then the bright spot of the knight's shield as armor!

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