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Shroud and Pirate conversion


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Some quick paints for the table. The pirate is a good demonstration of why I don't try sculpting - in addition he had a lot of casting problems in his legs and feet, so.... he will do but I kind of cringe. The shroud was a very quick paint - I cut the hands off, because it seemed more creepy that way





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12 minutes ago, Rigel said:

That shroud is *ghastly* in the BEST way! Absolutely nailed the paint job. M. R. James would approve. 


Pirate looks good too--interested in the backstory behind his conversion! 

I needed a figure for a bald headed, bare chested African necromancer, and a chest didn't seem to be something he would have. A little bit of surgery and off came the sword and chest. So, I figured he might have traded in his arm for necrotic abilities of a tentacular kind, and  I am far, far away from sculpting an arm. :) So, I altered him to have that attribute - and my players bypassed the encounter... so far....

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