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Darcstaar vs. BONES I: Ep. 13, Eye Beast

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Prepping for the next Bones I WIP.

The Eyes Have It!

I have this in metal too, so I’m planning to do both together.  You can see I did some surgery on the metal one.  Lots of hole drilling after cleaning mold lines.



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I’m thinking red blending to fleshy colored tentacles on one.


Blue fading to purple colored tentacles on the other.


Then eye colors to contrast.  Green for the Red, Orange for the blue.  The orange might be a yellow to Orange evil sclera coloration, with a different colored Iris.

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Assembled the face now that the inside of the mouth was done.  Primed the rest of him.  Finished the front of the teeth’s Desert Stone.  Now 2 layers of Yellowed Bone.  In a short time, they are quickly coming to life!

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