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Darcstaar vs. BONES I: Ep. 13, Eye Beast

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Back at it.

I decided the Iris will be red to look even more demonic, and so that this ends up having all the colors of the rainbow.






Sun Yellow, Candlelight Yellow, and Hearth Fire.   I like this effect so far.  The smaller eyes are only Sun Yellow so far.  They might only get Hearth Fire in the corners, we’ll see.

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Splattered Crimson



The crocodile eye image I used as a reference online has a very bright rim around the pupil.  This is Holly Berry.



HD Solid Black.




Fiddled with this quite a bit.  The Iris of the crocodile I used as a reference has a lot of dots, not striations like a human Iris.  I tried to do dots here, while painting a gradient of light to suggest “gem like” eye.  It’s not enough contrast, but I’m done with the attempt to get the gem like look.  Worried I could screw it up.


Glazed in some Red Shadow on top, mixed in some Red Shadow to the Splattered Crimson below that, Gory Red, Fresh Blood, Holly Berry and some Hearth Glow mixed in.  The last highlight on the bottom seems too obvious, but I have to just move on.

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Tried dotted lines? For the striations…

I didn’t think it looked good.



So, I connected the dots.  It gave it a string of beads look that I thought sufficed.  This was a mix of Fresh Blood, Holly Berry and Hearth Glow.


I had put the white glint on the very zenith of the eye.  That put it outside the pupil.  It didn’t look right.  So I glazed over it and the upper eye with a mix on my palette with Red Shadow.  I glazed the upper eye in general to help sell the gem effect, and did the same to the bottom with the lighter mix.  Gonna call this eye done!


Decided to protect the eye with some High Gloss Varnish.  I’d hate to have an accident on this.

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Pupils and glints.  Only screwed up 2.  Quick wet brush erase, and we were fine.  This is one of the only times I’ve used my round swivel-down extra magnification lens on my Opti Visor.  Those glints are TINY!  It reads best when the glint is on a pupil, but one eye stalk isn’t arranged right for that.


Well, basing and done.  Then for the red one.

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