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First flock. As expected  It looks a little rougher, all patchy and inconsistent. Moss will be LAST. If I can find an eye dropper this will be easier. Even with flock I like to spray a bit in between "coats" for a little extra hold. Going to do 1 more coat of flock maybe then static grass.

I'm not sure if I'll take a picture each time, but eventually it should look more full. I want the stones to be a BIT visible, but not fully. I wish I had found my clump foliage for a bit more variety, but this will be fine.



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Things have been enmossed and I'll see where I'm at in the morning after a hairspray. If it's all good I'll spray a few times more before a final seal. A couple of quick pics





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And I was up late and sealed and apparently my flock glue has developed clumps. Spent a bunch of time picking stuff up that rose to the surface after about 5-10 minutes (glue was normal liquid consistency, though I added a bit because I was running low and maybe it wasn't quite the mixed or thinned enough). Things look decidedly more frosty than normal.  Hope things didn't get wrecked.

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