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Red Slaad [WZK90251]


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For the record, red is one of those colors I actually really hate painting. That being said, I think this miniature of a Red Slaad turned out pretty good. The artwork on the back of the packaging showed it with some really dark green spots and lines that I didn't like at all so instead I used some greenish-yellow around the face and back.





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32 minutes ago, Samedi said:

Like your subtle colour transition in the reds! Came out great!


I actually painted it twice. Originally I went with Dragon Red from Army Painter and then started doing highlights but quickly realized it was going to be an orange slaad if i kept going so started over with Chaotic Red from army painter which is almost a reddish-brown. From there I went with abomination gore, dragon red, mars red which is reddish-orange. After that I transitioned from lighter oranges to yellowish green in select areas. The claws and back spikes are done with hardened carapice and a dark wash - everything from army painter.  


For the base I added superfine basing grit to hide the black base and then used various shades of grays, greens,yellows and oranges. I was going for a sort of mossy look to the stone. It looks okay, but needs some work.

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