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The house dice built... a birthday gift

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This is a storage box/ terrain house I'm building for my kid's High Rollers set (which was found today and played with all without the knowledge it was a gift).

Will have removable roof maybe with shingles. Currently  just have walls and door. The extra cardboard from the door will disappear.


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Modge and paint coat. This is the last of that tub of modge. I had to add a tiny bit of water to get a half inch off the bottom. Still need to do the roof.

Inside is a lighter shade. Will do "white" walls and  "brown" floors. The outside will get a red dry brush.


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Roof work



Top frame


Tar roof


Roof assembled


Rough full assembly minus shingles


I'm going to let things sit, touch up rough spots in paint and seal again  while I look for construction paper to make shingles.


What's left:

-drybrush the stone door frame

-maybe a few washes brown/grey and drybrush of brick and stone after.

-Maybe a cerealbox "stone" sill for the windows

-a final seal.

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Some splotches of red on the roof because it was too pink made it look a bit purple. Some drybrushing (on everything) helped a bit more. I'm gonna do another wash/seal of modge, medium, and ink and maybe another light drybrush of ivory after and that'll be it.





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