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Thunderbolt Mountain/Ral Partha Legacy Lady of the Lake, sculpted by Tom Meier

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job!

Thank you Glitterwolf!

53 minutes ago, Thoramel said:

Outstanding. Especially when you consider the size. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, she's a pretty small figure, 25 mm when 25 mm actually meant something.

46 minutes ago, Poilu_1914 said:

Fantastic job!

Thank you very much Poilu!

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She's beautiful, great job on her! I also really like the base you made, it's helps to set the scene without being distracting. :winkthumbs:

I am a little concerned about the sorcery you must be involved in being able to paint that tiny little face so nicely, though.

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12 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

She's beautiful, great job on her! I also really like the base you made, it's helps to set the scene without being distracting. :winkthumbs:

I am a little concerned about the sorcery you must be involved in being able to paint that tiny little face so nicely, though.

Thank you Chaoswolf!  It was my reserve base, I had another one completely planned out and ready to go.  This one is just some green stuff flattened out on a base and then I painted it out with different blues, surf aqua, and so forth.  The other base was so much nicer, it was kind of a little piece of land overlooking a "lake", but when I put her on it, it was too uneven and wouldn't work.  I'm going to keep it though and maybe I'll be able to use it with another figure.  

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@chaoswolf - here is the original base I was going to use. 28519839-4A79-4486-B11C-136C4F9818F0.jpeg.b5bac01c8582f0e4270f1126832d8d23.jpeg


but she was just not level enough to add her to the base without having to do lots more work on the base.  Ultimately I’m a lazy person so I just created a new and simple base. 

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52 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

That'll still make a cool base for a future mini, though.:winkthumbs:

Yeah, I’m hoping to use it with a miniature that has a smaller footprint. This one’s dress is very wide and expansive.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning Reaperniks!
      So I've had this mini painted already about a week, but here in Omaha, it's been mostly kind of cloudy and rainy, so wasn't able to get a decent picture until this morning.
      This is Merlyon the Sorcerer, formerly of Thunderbolt Mountain and now being released by Ral Partha Legacy. Pretty fun figure to paint, and it's more akin to that 25 mm of yore:

      I still have a few more from this range I want to get around to painting. This one also had the eyeholes poked into the eyes, but they worked out this time pretty simply.
      Eyeholes in the owl too!
      Anyhoos, please enjoy responsibly!
    • By 72moonglum
      So hello all you Reaperphonics!  
      So finished this one recently.  I'd done the other Flying Pink Unicorn, and wanted a slightly different version of pink, so here's what I came up with.  This one, like the other fairy ballerinas, was sculpted by Tom Meier inspired by a design from his daughter with his company Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures and now sold by Ral Partha Legacy.  Lots of different pictures because it's mini with basically lots angles, not just front and back, hope not too many photos:

      They are the last of my ballerina fairies that I had from Ral Partha Legacy, going to have to now move on to something different I guess, maybe some Reaper Bones.....
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaperoloques, anxiously waiting for your Kickstarter boxes to arrive at your doors!
      I got my notice and hopefully I'll be seeing a big, beautiful box of plastic joy this Wednesday!  But in the meantime, just plugging away painting...
      So I just finished these two Thunderbolt Mountain minis, and if you recall last time, I took y last photos with my new iPhone.  I considered doing this again with these two minis, but took photos with my camera and then with the iPhone, and the iPhone photos were too brash or stark, so I'm using the camera photos instead.
      First Morgan le Fay:

      and then the Lady in Waiting:

      Both of these are available again for sale on Ral Partha Legacy's site, and actually they both come in the foot and mounted versions, but way back when, when I bought these, I didn't get the mounted versions, just their standing forms. 
      Enjoyed doing both of them very much.  The only odd thing again were they had those eyes with recesses for the irises, which I don't really like, but at least in this case worked out I think okay.  I actually did a base walnut brown cover for the eyes and then when I went over them in white, the recesses remained unpainted and brown, so they turned out okay.  I think for the future though, with more of these recessed eyeballs I'll actually paint the color in that section and then go over them again with white. 
      Another thing to mention is these are true 25 mm figures, when that used to mean something, so these are very small.  
      Anyhoos, hope you enjoy and these can momentarily distract you whilst you wait for your boxes to arrive!
      Happy Independence Day for those gringos that celebrate it, and Happy Sunday for those that don't!
    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening Reaper Hoppers and Poppers,
      So I just finished this miniature, who is a pretty small one. She's Gwenyvere, from Tom Meier's Arthurian line at Thunderbolt Mountain, currently being produced by Ral Partha Legacy.
      I just got a new iPhone, and I took the pictures with it.  I think the pictures came out really nicely, and have done an automatically good job on the exposure and all.  My concern is does the automization of the exposure make it any different than if I would have had to work a little bit with the exposure?

      To give a comparison, here is how my camera turned out:

      It's a lot darker.
      Anyhoos, looking for photographic opinions. 
      And to give you an idea of how small this figure it is, here she is in comparison to a US quarter:

    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reapervellians,
      So I had these figures sitting around and primed for probably about two or three years, and then while trying to start up another project, I ended up grabbing these.
      These are four new figures, sculpted by Dave Summers, famous for his Darksword anthropomorphic miniatures as well as decades of other finely sculpted figures, that he sculpted for Ral Partha's Chaos Wars game in 2016, associated with a Kickstarter if I recall correctly, and then a rather old figure, the female dwarf, who was sculpted by Dennis Mize back in I think 1977-1978.
      Nowadays of course, figures are a lot larger, but Dave Summers sculpted these four new dwarves to that old school 25 millimeter scale, which means they are pretty petite. If I remember afterwards I'll snap some kind of comparison photo with some common item. I always forget to do that for some reason.
      Anyhoos, here they are:

      and here's the lady dwarf. I separated her out because I actually have an older version that I did of her years ago as a gift for somebody, and wanted to show it as a comparison.
      Here's the one I just painted:

      and here she is probably already five or six years earlier:

      I had her on a much larger base in the original version.
      Anyhow, that's all for today folks, enjoy at your leisure!
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