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Ice, Ice Lady (Aeslin the half elf, 03159)

Ganryu Kojiro

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10 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Well done!  The snowflakes are very impressive,  Love the white hair and her face. 

Thanks! The freehand took some time.


I've been trying to figure out a good method for white hair for just about forever, too, so I'm glad that worked. I still need a recipe for a cool white. I've got a warm one and a medium one.









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18 hours ago, Krassling said:

Very fine freehands on the Lady. Indeed she looks like a Disney Princess.

I am curious absolut the Bases. You put them on wooden hex-bases? Doesn't look like a lasercut. And what did you use for the snow?

The base is a laser cut piece from Litko. I use them because I like six sided facing and have for decades.


The snow itself is army painter snow base and white glue. I used a blister pack (possibly the one she came in) to mix up a slurry of glue, water, and white powder. Brush on with a retired brush. Let cure for just bit, then dust her with more snow flakes, for final texturing.


Apparently, baking soda would work just as well.


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