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Interesting. He looks intimidating.

But I have a question. What let you choose Green for the skintone. I See greenskins mostly as something from GWs warhammer universe. 

I recently painted some ogres myself and wanted them to Look not to human. What were your thoughts?

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@Krassling this was the first ogre I painted, 44006 Garghuk, Orge Chieftain - Show Off: Painting - Reaper Message Board (reapermini.com) where I had based the skin with shadow green even thou u cant tell and had just bought reaper's 09459 ogre skin which I wanted to try out and used for the skintone. The 4 ogre's in question I did the same way based with shadow green and used 9459 ogre skin for the base. Unfortunately I decided to save time and for the first time I tried to used an airbrush other than priming and varnishing. I tried glazing a darker shadow in (the mixture was a dark brown with a little purple added I believe), it was real watery and i had used a lot of vallejo glaze medium instead of water and must of over did it being my first time and when it had dried it turned unexpected by me green and I just decided to keep, thou after doing the two of them the other two (not the chieftains) I added more brown into the shadows just keeping the green in the lower parts for shadow. It was a learning experience for me, tied to use the airbrush instead of normally using a brush and failing but went with it and had some fun. I believe my glazed turned green was because I used zentihal prime and the yellow based I used caused my shadows to turn green because of the black. As u can tell with the pic below when I didn't use the airbrush my shadows didn't turn greenish.


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    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, here is the last of the four amazing ogre from Bobby Jackson. This one is 44006, Garghuk Ogre Chieftain. All painted with Reaper MSP paint and mounted on a 50mm wide base.










      Group picture form left to right; 44006 Garghuk Ogre Chieftain, 77454 Ogre Clubber, 77456 Ogre Guard and 77455, Ogre Smasher.

    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, here is the third of the quartet, the 77456, Ogre Guard sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Have a good week.









      77454, Ogre Clubber, 77456, Ogre Guard and 77455, Ogre Smasher.

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      Hello everyone, I'm mostly done with the second Ogre, I just need to do some touch ups. It's clubbing time, the Ogre way! This one is the 77454, Ogre Clubber sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I swapped the top of its club with that of the 77455, Ogre Smasher. I also added a skull at his waist belt on the left side. As always I used Reaper MSP paint.









      77455, Ogre Smasher and 77454, Ogre Clubber

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      Hello everyone, I'm currently working on an Ogre gang and completed the painting on this model last night. This is a 77455, Ogre Smasher sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I swapped the top of its club with that of the 77454, Ogre Clubber. I also added three more skulls at his waist belt. it was all painted with Reaper MSP paint. I will complete the base later since I may add more elements to it.











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      Hi All,
      I haven't posted in a good while, so I thought Id share a pair of pieces that are special to me - Giant Leeches! This was my contribution to bones 4, and it is always a gratifying (and edifying) experience to paint a mini I have sculpted. Despite the special spot in my collection, I didn't go crazy with the paint jobs. It is a pretty basic palate and only took me a day or two to complete. As sculpts, the goal was to make easy to paint minis that filled a gap in the lineup and hit the table pretty often - I think these achieved that. The anatomy was based on observations of several leech species, combined to make it suitably monstrous. Similarly, the green and orange color scheme was based on real critters.

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