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Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide 5E The world of the Blue Rose RPG comes to 5E!


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Surprised I didn't see this one here. I'm in because of the Book of Fiends. A great resource I used back in the day when it was originally printed. 


Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide 5E

The world of the Blue Rose RPG comes to 5E!


We are Green Ronin Publishing. You may know us from such Dungeons & Dragons books as Out of the Abyss and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, or as the company that brought you the Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting. Now we’ve got a new book for your collection: The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide. It gives you all the 5E rules you need to run a campaign in the World of Aldea, the setting of our popular Blue Rose RPG.

Now here’s the best part: The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide is completely finished and ready to go to print! The primary goal of this Kickstarter is simply to fund the printing of the book.

STRETCH GOALS UNLOCKED: The print book will now include a poster map of the world of Aldea, and all backers will receive PDFs of the adventure Flight of the Snow Pearl by Steve Kenson, the adventure The Night Market by Steven Jones, and the Blue Rose novel Shadowtide by Joseph D. Carriker Jr.!

Our plan is to print The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide alongside The Book of Fiends, a 5E monster book full of demons, devils, and daemons that we crowdfunded last year and is also 100% complete and ready to go to print. Since we know some of you missed your chance to get in on it, we’re also offering The Book of Fiends in this campaign.  The daemons and Exarchs from this book also plague Blue Rose’s world of Aldea, making it an excellent complement to The Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide. The best deal is the Champion tier, which gets you both books and their PDFs for a special price. If you just want PDFs of both books, the Exarch tier is also a good deal. 

Content Warning: please note that The Book of Fiends is a big tome of evil and as such it is recommended for mature audiences. 

There’s also more 5E material available as add-ons, such as The Book of the Righteous and the 20th Anniversary Edition of our classic adventure Death in Freeport. Blue Rose fiction from our imprint Nisaba Press is also part of this campaign, as both stretch goals and add-ons.

Important Note: Shipping!

Please note that shipping is not included in the cost of your pledge. You will pay for shipping--and have an opportunity to adjust your pledge--after the campaign through the pledge manager. 

You should also note that we are only offering print books to American and Canadian backers. We wish it could be otherwise, but international shipping is a disaster right now. This is especially true for the UK, where Brexit is causing no end of problems. The good news is that neither The Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide nor The Book of Fiends are Kickstarter exclusives. They will be available through normal channels, such as game stores and online retailers, after we ship books to backers. 

 Features of the Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide

The Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide is a 176-page full color hardback book that features: 

A setting focused on a good nation (and its allies) in need of heroes.

An elegant culture more akin to the Age of Sail than the Middle Ages.

A diverse, inclusive setting with broader notions about gender, romance, and relationships.

Complex diplomacy between neighboring nations with different cultures as well as a land suffering under the rule of supernatural evil.

Four new ancestries (night person, rhydan, sea-folk, and vata) and a new approach to human ancestry.

The rhydan are intelligent, psychic, awakened animals: Play a rhy-cat, wolf, horse, or any of a wide number of others.

A new sub-class for each of the core 5e character classes.

Eight new feats.

Three new backgrounds.

Options for Narrative Wealth and Equipment.

Guidelines on telepathic communication (prevalent in the setting).

An optional system for occult and “forbidden” magic and the corruption that results from wielding it.

Dozens of new magic items, including accursed occult items.

Four new creature templates, including rhydan (intelligent psychic animals).

We describe Blue Rose and the world of Aldea as Romantic Fantasy. If you'd like to read more about what that means, check out this write-up on our website. 

 Features of The Book of Fiends

The Book of Fiends is a 256-page full color hardback book that features: 

Over 130 daemons, devils, demons, and other creatures of the Lower Planes.

Monsters with challenge ratings from 0 to 31; there are foes for characters of all levels.

Info on the celestial choirs and the fallen angels.

Details on the nine Lords of Hell, the seven Exarchs of Gehenna, and a plethora of Demon Princes.

New options to tempt player characters to embrace evil.

A dozen sinister spells, a new background, new feats, and more!

Stretch Goals

Unlocked! $15,000: We will add poster map of Aldea to the print edition of The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide.

Unlocked! $20,000: Backers will also receive a 5E conversion of the adventure Flight of the Snow Pearl in PDF format.

Unlocked! $25,000: Backers will also receive the electronic edition of Shadowtide, a Blue Rose novel by Joseph D. Carriker Jr.

Unlocked! $30,000: Backers will also receive a 5E conversion of the adventure The Night Market in PDF format.

$35,000: Backers will also receive the electronic edition of Pit of Vipers, a Blue Rose novella by Joseph D. Carriker Jr.

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