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    • By RogaDanar
      Life is crazy right now so this was the only figure I could get done this week. And that was a bit of a miracle.
      More Humblewood. This little guy had a military bearing to me, so I referenced some uniforms for the colors. 
      Even after a spray down it was a bit shiny for my taste though. Not sure what happened. 

    • By RogaDanar
      I had some good inspirational examples to follow for this one so I was able to crank this one out today.
      Humblewood Rooster
      I have rarely had a figure where I could literally use a rainbow of colors and it looks appropriate. I can't take credit for the color choices as I was copying another a figure I saw online (unfortunately I can't credit them since I don't know the painter). I am really happy with how he came out and enjoyed painting such vibrate colors. A lot of fantasy minis can be a little grungy. 

      I did keep the coat plain so that the colors would pop.

      I have a habit of keeping out all of the paints I use while working on a figure and I don't switch out the parchment in the wet palette until done. 
      This mini got kind of crazy and I had to share the work space. 

    • By RogaDanar
      Humblewood Raptor
      I didn't have much expectation for this figure, but when I was done, I was pretty happy with it. 

      Psuedodragon (Nolzur)
      These are just simple quick paint jobs. Cute little dragons though. 

    • By RogaDanar
      Here are two very different pieces that happened to come on the same week.
      Krug, Hill giant chieftain.
      I borrowed my friends version of this mini about six months ago to use in my campaign. I called him "King Krud" and the players had to negotiate with him for passage through his territory. They made it through just a few horses and some gold short. Negotiating with a hungry hill giant is not an easy task. The players and I liked "King Crud" so much that I had to buy my own and I will be making him a reoccuring monster. 
      I tried a few new things with this guy. I have been working hard to create some depth and shape using shading. Even though I used true metallics to do the metal, I tried to add some dark and light to give it some depth and shape. I think you can see that on the left wrist manacle and the chain along the back. I also used lighter darks on the lighter top and darker darks in the darker areas that are shaded. 

      Humblewood mouse musketeer (or some such). 
      These figures have just been fun to paint and I can't wait to use them in the game.

    • By Iridil
      Here she is - she is an NPC in my campaign... friend or foe? Tried a darker skin but not sure I quite got it. Well, I was pleased even if her eyebrows are a bit odd.

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