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Hello all.


I have decided to start a new world for a Fantasy GURPS game. I will be using MS One Note and Word to get my thoughts down, but I could use a sounding board. Discussion may help me define this world better.  Basically I will combine two worlds that I have made before. and add new content.  Most of what I will doing here is the higher level stuff. even touching on stuff players may or may not ever see of be concerned with.  I may even add drawings to this thread. Drawings will be both hand drawn stuff and stuff drawn in CAD. both of which might help get my ideas out. 


Here is my starting points: [Keep most of these as they were originally designed.]


World Overview

Most of the word was ruled by a very large empire in the distant past.  Magic was very common, so common that even the lower classes had access. 


Kingdom of Korvar

Capital city of Korvar is in the middle of the nation and is in several craters, from asteroid impacts. A river runs next to it. One of the craters is at least particularly filled with water and acts as a natural water source for the city. While the city does not fill all of the creators it does have some farm land. The main idea is that the capital is more or less impenetrable to a siege.



Duchy of Hessian



Baronry of ( )

Use Castra Isca

Use Baroness LaCroix as new Baron


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Hmm. The problem with impact craters is that normally, the outer slope isn't all that steep, while the inner slope is. For an attacking force, it probably wouldn't be worse than any other literal uphill battle, but if they take the cusp, defenders on the inside would barely stand a prayer to repel them - pretty much the exact opposite of what you want.


Of course, you could have the capital city situated inside a crater small enough to actually wall the entire rim, so probably no more than maybe a mile radius. You could have a smaller, rainwater reservoir crater inside that. That'd still leave the traditional issue that the besieged city could be cut off from supplies (river port, more extensive farmland), though.


If you want a larger, well-defensible capital province, and don't just want to go with gods/magic, an advantageous topography is likely better explained with geology. You could garnish with impact crater lake, though.

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Oh, and a rim-walled "capital keep" in a rather small crater, come to think of it. Something with wonderful gardens that, due to being in the crater, are ever hidden from the surrounding outer city's and thus the plebs' view, and surround grandiose fantasy towers that rise far above the walls to be visible across the capital territory.

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ok maybe not a asteroid crater maybe an dormant(?) volcano, still not real sure. I tried a few softwares to work on my map... not real super happy with anything. 

Still trying to mesh everything together. 


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I've been thinking about this, and after some consideration, you could make the original craters idea work by having the city itself *not* be in a crater: instead, have it be in an area *surrounded* by a ring of craters. That would make the crater's inner steep slopes the hurdle would-be attackers have to overcome, while the city could easily do some earth work on the gentler outer slopes, effectively walling the rims up, to improve their strategic advantage.  The key drawback would be that the lands surrounding the actual capital won't be quite as defensible due to the rim slopes away from the city. However, if you can come up with a creative idea to solve that problem for one or two decent-sized craters, those could be focus areas for development/farming.


Another approach to creating a naturally highly defensible location would be starting with a high, essentially semi-circular escarpment cliff (which is geologically plausible at many scales). Put the city at a point of strong curvature, ant it'll be effectively impenetrable from two sides. The escarpment itself could extend for miles beyond the city, also making the farmland near the capital highly defensible in at least one direction.


An impact crater lake could serve as an effective natural boundary on a third side; if you use a central peak crater, the city could use the resulting island for additional defense against any potential attempts at an attack across the lake. There'd have to be a bit of open land between the crater rim and the escarpment cliff, obviously. That might be a good place to close the gap in natural defenses with a particularly defensible stretch of traditional wall. Also, if the crater lake has a natural drain (practically a necessity if the water is replenished via influx from a stream or river), that could plausibly be on the escarpment side. (And would add a majestic waterfall down the cliff as a natural sight.)

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