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When it comes to racial tension, don't forget that "good ones" is something people/say. Also, it could be plausible that those who have integrated into human society could have reduced penalties because people don't hate them quite as much. Being useful is helpful for that. You might want to look at a caste system for the society, with that being the major determiner for social drawbacks, rather than what race they are.

If you want people to play outcasts and the subjects of discrimination, you're going to have to offer them something important or fantastic. For example, back in the days of 2nd Edition D&D, my old DM made a race of humans that were monotheists (who were rather pushy about it) in a setting with a lot of Wicca/Witchy stuff, as well as the typical fantasy deities. However, they got ambidexterity, which was exceptionally rare and powerful. I picked a character from that, not because of the combat stuff (that was nice, too) but for the roleplaying possibilities. It was interesting to be the outcast and jerk but still being a begrudging part of the party. One of my more memorable characters for the party, DM, and myself. Just food for thought.

All of that said, are you really sure you want to do the Humanity, F-Yeah! type of thing? I don't know much about your other stuff but I've seen the same thing a lot in games and it feels kind of... Stale. If it's where you want to go, go ahead. But, there are other options. Personally, I like having the elves being the guys on top, so to speak, and being able to take them down a few pegs.

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