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Tired of flocked trees shedding?


Do not want to spend as much as Dwarven Forge trees cost?


Try Toyvian trees like these ones I found on Amazon. I just finished the 2 medium sized ones, completing my set of 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large.




They require a bit of work but I think they get the job done. More photos on my blog.


And this older blog post talks about how I take them from factory fresh to battlefield ready with weighting the base, repositioning the limbs and painting them…



In the top photo are the two trees I just finished. The bottom photo shows the 6 Toyvian trees mixed in with Dwarven Forge and a Games Workshop Citadel Forest.




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Nice!  I'll have to look into these.  Woodland Scenics bendy trees with flocking are cute and all, but they tend to "shed" over time and with use.  These look like they'd work nicely to get the idea across of LARGE "fantasy trees" without messing up the table so much with little bits of flaked-off flocking.


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