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A friend asked me to do some conversions to make some Space Marine TM Drop Pods TM he had laying around into Chaos Drop Pods, aka Dread Claws TM.   Naturally I was flattered.


I have three distinct ideas but any and all feedback is very welcome.


Drop Pod plus a couple of these kits(lucky Prime Day find!):


The tricky bit is that I have 4 of quite a few parts and the drop pod has a 5 fold symmetry!





Drop Pod plus this guy (who surely comes from a long lost GW chaos mold):


Tricky bit is that I could probably use some cheap plastic sea creatures for some more texture but haven't found the right ones at the right price.




Finally something with this:



and these 




To make something Halloween Horror themed.


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I'd mash the drop pod and the first option together.


ETA---I know we're talking about science fiction/fantasy, but I would think that the heat of atmospheric entry would incinerate any fleshy bits on the outside.

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8 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Well, I've progressed to the point where my friend will curse my name every time he has to transport this thing.  I guess I'm ready to sculpt for GW.  





Not enough Skullzzzzz for official GW work....


Looks great thou!!

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