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Since the Eye Beasts are making good progress, getting the next model ready.  A suitable Player Character model.  Turanil, Male Elf Paladin.





The plan is white and red.  I’m hoping the peacock comes across as a Phoenix.

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Further refining the ideas.

Now thinking white outer cloak with a green chevron, trying same on shield.  Inner cloak neutral khaki.  Fair skin with red hair to play off the green.  Still planning to paint peacock like a Phoenix?  Red/yellow/orange, also playing off green.  Brown liner on things that will be flesh, red hair, Gold NMM or leather/wood.

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Rosy Shadow with some brown liner mixed in.  Then Rosy Shadow.  Then Reikland Fleshshade.  Then Rosy Shadow:Rosy Highlight.  Then Rosy Highlight.  Then Rosy Highlight:Fair Skin, Fair Skin, Fair Skin:Linen White.  I want more shadow on the right side of his face for light source coming from his upper left.

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Trying a new NMM recipe.  2:1:1 Cloudy Grey:Tropical Blue:White.  Then washed it with Drakenhof Nightshade, but I don’t think it’s dark enough, so I’m going to try to re-line it all with Blue Liner.

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Spent some time on armor yesterday.  Re-established base coat, 2 layers of white added to base.  It still has a way to go up to white, then going in reverse with Blue Liner additions.  But if I left it at this point, it looks pretty good.



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      I only saw one thread about crackle paste when I searched these forums.
      So, I’m going to share how it’s going for me.
      I started with washed and dried 1” and 2” Reaper Bases.
      I put this garbage on a 2 inch base first.

      Don’t buy it.  I got it at Hobby Lobby at the time because they were out of Folk Art.
      To be clear, this is Crackle Medium.
      It is meant to be painted on a primed or rough surface I guess, and painted thin. I put it on kind of thick.  It didn’t crackle at all!
      So, I got a tub of this stuff on Amazon.

      The directions state “put over a thin layer of PVA glue.”  Pfft, who has time for that extra step?
      Here is the result on a washed but otherwise un prepped set of bases.

      1 inch

      2 inch.
      So, the surface needs something for crackle paste to work right.

      This is a 1” base with a thin layer of PVA glue.

      This is a 1” base with just hitting it with 220 grit sandpaper and washing it again.
      I also used the 2” base with dried crackle medium on it.  Not pictured.

      This is a 2” base covered in black brush on primer.

      Here is the result on the 2” base over dried crackle medium.  It was hard to get the stuff into a uniform layer, as the medium created a very hydrophobic surface, so the paste slides around too easy.
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