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Darcstaar vs. BONES I, Ep. 14: Turanil

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Softened it up with dilute 1:1 mixes of each step.  Texture lines with Linen White.  Then Splattered Crimson and Fresh Blood freehand.  Elven rune “Asur” meaning Eternal Flame.  (Off some website.  Not sure if it’s Tolkien or D&D PHB, or home brew).  Tying it in to my upcoming attempt to give the peacock fire colors like a Phoenix.

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4 hours ago, mousekiller said:

This is great to follow along!  I continue to struggle in NMM technique, so thank you so much for taking the time to post these step by step pics!


And, he looks top notch!

Thanks!  And I appreciate letting me know it’s helpful to you.  My reasons to do this are to keep me accountable, yes, but also to show people that Bones have plenty of detail, and can be painted to a good standard by anyone.

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