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Giant Wererat

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It's okay. More splotchy than I would like.

I might try some dry brushing & highlight the teeth and nails.  So far my only use for contrasts has been to save time on leather and camo bags & bits. 

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I don’t see it very splotchy.

Most skin is uneven anyway, and for monsters I think that may be an asset.

I wouldn’t have known you used contrast paint unless you told me.

Finally: Contrast paint serves a purpose for a particular goal: decent results for minimal time!  Army painting in less time.  So, now that you know how this giant ogre were-rat looks with this test, you can knock out a ton of beast men or rat men with haste, and very good results.  And in the right setting, that is very valuable.

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@Darcstaar agreed, but for knocking out quantity I would still prefer AP dip.  I would need to find an additional step that made these pop more with minimal effort to use contrast for bulk.  Contrasts would be great if I didnt already know all the tricks for making AP dip pop.

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