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Eldest son

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We are playing The Eldest Son written by Robert E Allen III and Damon Dorsey, published and copyrighted by Reaper Miniatures.


There will be spoilers to the plot, be forewarned, avoid this thread if you don't want to know the story.


My Players are using the books from my shelf, all of which are copyrighted and respectfully acknowledged.  They are as follows:

Wizards Of The Coast:

    Player’s Handbook

    Dungeon Master’s Guide

    Monster Manuals 1 & 2

    Manual Of The Planes

    Psionics Handbook

    Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

         Lords Of  Darkness

         Silver Marches

         Magic Of Faerun

         Faiths And Pantheons

    Sword And Fist

    Masters Of The Wild

    Tome And Blood

    Defenders Of The Faith

    Song And Silence


    Kalamar Players Guide

    Kalamar Campaign Setting

    Villain Design Handbook

Sword & Sorcery

    Relics And Rituals

    Creature Collection 1&2

    Book Of Eldritch Might

    Tome Of Horrors

Legends And Lairs

    Spells And Spellcraft

    Path Of Magic

    Traps And Treachery



    Seas Of Blood


    Touched By The Gods

Green Ronin

     Book Of The Righteous


     Alchemy And Herbalists

Bad Axe Games:

      Heroes of High Favor: the Dwarves



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(nothing yet to reply to, sorry, soon)



It is just after midday.  The inn is doing its usual midweek business.  The innkeeper and his wife are keeping themselves busy with the few patrons that are still lingering.  There are six still here at this time of day.  There is a party of what look to be merchants at the large corner table, an older man and his two assistants if guesses are correct.  And three single patrons.


The first, a tall and beautiful female human, if she was cleaned up, but dressed in scale mail and carrying a well-used longsword, she is obviously some kind of warrior. Over the scale mail she wears a white tabard with a large green Maltese cross design. Her equipment is obviously well made and of the highest quality, which could point to an aristocratic background, especially when noticed with her mannerisms and speech. She is polite and friendly to the staff, but treats them as such, rather than as equals. She is tall, and has long red hair and gray-blue eyes. She does bless her food, thanking Aurelius for her food.  She is seated with her back to the wall at the table closest to the window.


Across from her is a fair skinned halfling with blond hair and green eyes.  He has a walking stick and a tabby cat right next to him. A crossbow and quiver rest on the back of his chair along with his backpack.  His table is next to the kitchen door, facing the room.  He has consumed large portions of everything set before him, almost as if food was to be going out of season.


Next to the door, a human female of medium height sits, also alone.  She is wearing robes of dark blue trimmed with silver, and though not wearing armor a morningstar does hang at her side.  Her hair is a golden blonde with streaks of platinum blonde mixed in.  An ornate braiding has been done that keeps it out of her face and gather it into a type of pony tail.  Her eyes are a light blue and very attentive to her surrounding.  A silver disc divided into three phases of the moon flanked by three stars shows her to be a follower of Lumis, the goddess of the Moons.  She is eating lightly and sipping from a glass of red wine


These three are watching the room and each other, more than once eye contact with each of them has happened, as if they were watching the watching.



(soon now.  cbs)

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The merchants look like they have concluded their meal and are gathering their belongings together when the quiet is shattered.


*thud, slam* the front door flies open.


"I need some help, this man's life runs thin", an elf yells with hurried breath.


He bears a badly bleeding man on his shoulder, and looks around expectantly.






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Gaelwayenne leaps up, hand on sword hilt.


Seeing no immediate danger, she moves around to the elf and helps him ease the man to the table of the cleric of Lumis. She then concentrates for a moment while checking his injuries, looking around the room and frowning at a retreating merchant.


"Can you help this man, Sister?"


She takes the arm of the elf and gently pulls him to the side and sits him at a table. She remains standing, arms crossed.


"Tell me what has happened here." She adds, in Elven, "Peace favor you. The sword of Aurelius shields you, my son. Speak true and be calmed in His light."


She motions to the innkeeper to bring wine.

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(i asume we'll be using the same text things as the darakan thread?)

(For those of you who have elven:)




(if no one speaks elven:)




"I found him a few minutes away from here. I have no idea who he is."

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The halfling stops eating for a bit to come look at the man's injury.


"oooh, that looks bad."


He looks at the elf (and in elven).

"Was he right outside, cause I heard no commotion."


Then he goes back to making sure that the man is okay.

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Once the barkeep brings him his tea, the elf settles into his chair recollects his story of the last few days...


"I had spent the last day following some tracks; they were foreign to the surrounding woods we are in now.


As the sun peaked in the sky I realized that I had just stumbled across the remains of an ambush, and I heared a soft groan of pain.  


Once I located the source of the noise, i found a young man, rather handsome, finely dressed, though from the blood, you can't tell now.


At first, I tried my hand at healing the man," The elf gestures to the remnants of a pale blue salve on his hands. "I saw the smoke from an inn not far up the road, no one was around, so I decided to carry him here."

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<e>"This was ill done. Thank you for bringing this unfortunate here. I am Gaelwayenne Van Ossric, Paladin of Aurelius. If you wouldn't mind, I would have you take me to where he was attacked after he is seen to safety. There may be some clue there."</e>


She leaves the elf to sip his tea and goes to the other table.


"How is he?"

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"The injuries to his legs are beyond my skills. he needs to be taken to a temple for 'proper' healing. I was only barely able to hear, what happened to him?" While she is talking she is dressing his wounds with herbs and bandages.


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The innkeeper brings a bowl of clean warm water over, and while leaving it at the table, looks at the man, getting a good look at his face.  At the same time the halfling catches a good look at him.


“Hey, that’s...”

“Well, blimey, its...”


They both speak at once. The innkeeper yields and the halfling continues, “Its Felix, Sir Felix Einen.”  The name triggers something in Gaelwayenne’s memory, she knows that family name.


The innkeeper continues, “Their estate is right up the road, it would be a greater service to him to return him home.  I can let you take my cart and mule to get him there.  Will you take him home?”


The merchants scoff and grumble about schedules, revenues, and returns on investments as they depart.  They very clearly cannot be bothered.  It is just as well, they gave Gaelwayenne bad feelings.


The innkeeper’s wife brings beverages.  She clucks at the sight of Felix.  “Poor lad, why I remember when he was just a little scamp, he used to love my sticky buns, I swear he could smell them baking clear down at his house, and sure enough every time they came out of the oven, no sooner than his head would peek in the window.  That poor motherless lad.  And that new one, pshat, what a one she is, but I’m not speaking out of turn about that one.  Poor Felix needs to go home, his father will be beside himself.  He isn’t well, you know, on his deathbed or so they say.  This could do him a foul turn, but not having Felix home to heal, a greater one.  There now, laddie, we’ll see you get home.”


She turns to the cleric, “ The nearest temple in these parts is in Astoria, a full day’s ride away.  I’m sure you understand, all that traveling can’t be good for him.  Will you take him home?”


"unnnhn, ooh, uugguh"  Felix starts to regain consciousness.  A few moments later, his eys are open and his mouth is moving, “uuhhnnm, uufhhne.”  He raises his hand and gestures at the glasses on the next table.

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Keisha will help Felix raise his head and take a drink, making sure he doesn't gulp the water too fast. "Relax, your amoung friends. What happened to you?" Why he tells his tale she will get an herbal mixture from her healer's kit, to give him when he's done with his tale.


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Gaelwayenne explains what happened to him to the cleric and then motions to the halfling.


"You know this man? Do you know where he lives and how to get there? Perhaps you will join us, then?"


She introduces herself to the cleric and asks if she will join them. "Your skills may be needed."


She sees the innkeeper, fretting over the young man. "Thank you for the use of your cart and team, I will return them when finished. If you would have your stableman ready them, we will leave as soon as he is able."


She tenderly smoothes his hair back and hands him a small sip of wine. "Sir Einen? Can you speak. We shall have you home safe soon. What has happened?"

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Keisha looks at the inkeep before he leaves to ready the cart. "I will need four strong, fairly straight paieces of wood, each about the legnth of Sir Einen's legs. They will need to be spinted before we move him again." She looks at the young man "And some very strong brandy or whiskey wouldn't hurt either."


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