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1 hour ago, malefactus said:

VERY NICELY DONE! The rusty fence makes a splendid background for the Witch Hunter. 


Thanks Al!

I like a little atmosphere where possible.


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9 hours ago, Corsair said:

Very sharp!



I had trouble taking pics of his face, I needed to take a pic from a different angle and had to use a light, but I feel it overexposed some parts.

He actually has blue eyes.

Still I like him myself he fits right into my Vampire/Witchhunter Order.


Glad you like him!

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    • By Dan S
      It feels like an age since I last posted a terrain build, my last build journal (still unfinished) was actually in October of last year, so it has been a while!
      Anyhow, my circumstances have changed and I have found myself with more free time to enjoy my hobby, and so this week I was able to sit down and start a new build, another photo backdrop, this time a cemetery (sorry no build journal this time, I just wanted to enjoy the project).  This one had been on my to do list for ever, the gravestones, coffin and the wall are all Reaper accessories.  I had a lot of fun with this one.
      On another positive note, I've now got some time to go back and revisit my 'Post Apocalyptic Suburbia' build journal.  I'm sure  many people don't even remember it, but leaving it unfinished has really been bugging me, so hopefully that one will have a much overdue update by the weekend!  







    • By R2ED
      It's the weekend and that means it's time to lay down some paint.
      Within the Paint Club going on this week, the two models selected were Jakob and Lysette.  Here's the battle report for Jakob.
      * Really put an emphasis on not washing if at all possible.  Bought some new tones in the brown family and skin tones.  
      * Face used a red brown for base and layered up with a tan/red blended in.  The shading of the hat helps to not have to go too high.  WIN!
      *  Trying to pull the eye to the center of the model this time and using lighter colors toward the middle - tan, cream, and red.  The outfit looks more put together and is easily one of my favorite that I've done so far.  Win!
      *  Trying to use a different approach to using layers and not washing.  Worked really well on the folds in his jacket and hat.  Really pleased with the depth that showed up from it.  I did a wet blend which is becoming easier knowing the colors better.  Win!
      *  I did use Agrax on the lines between clothing and it did help pull the separation of articles out.  Win!
      * Zombie head - I started with flat flesh, hit it with green dry brush, then a light dusting.  Used white to pull out the washed bone areas, but could be better.  
      *  Used a wash to pull more of that dirty hair look with the zombie - again wasn't super pleased, but not super disappointed either.  
      * Wish I could find a way to make the leather colors pop more on the satchels. I. feel like doing them a single color, then washing them just doesn't do it.  Help!
      *  Black boots are still a problem for me.  I'm glad I zenithal highlighted before starting the project, which helped the black boots look like they have a shiny toe, but not by skill, just by coincidene.  
      * Sword - how badly I want to learn how to do NMM.  I gotta figure that out!  
      Overall, he came out better than expected.  I'm excited to work on basing him with something really dark and sinister looking.  Should be fun next step!
      As always - open to any feedback or help you want to provide.

    • By Glitterwolf
      I created a little Graveyard.
      The Crypt and the Raven are resin models from Minimonsters, the Skeleton rising from the grave is 02043 from Reaper.
      The Tombstones and Fence are from the Reaper Bones III Graveyard Set.
      The pathway was made with Milliput and I used the Greenstuffworld Cobblestone Rollerpin on it.
      Likes, comments and job offerings to lead Undead Hordes welcome!
      WIP Here:

    • By MoonglowMinis
      It's the perfect time of year to show off this little collection of spooky minis!

      Giant Bats 44040

      These little guys are adorable.  They're pretty simple, and it's hard to pick out details in their faces, but I think they're fantastic little minis.  Though their size clearly makes them giant bats, I can definitely see myself using them as "normal-sized" bats for Wildshape or Familiar purposes.  I specifically used the Little Brown Bat as my coloration reference.
      More Bat Photos Below:
      Harrowgate Shrine 77723
      Next up is a bit of scatter terrain.  This is one of the two models in the Harrowgate Shrines set.

      What could it be?  An ancient omen?  The gravestone for a horrific creature?  Or perhaps the beast itself is encased in stone!
      It's not the most exciting of models, but I thought it fit nicely with this little set.  I probably should have based it, but I like basing scatter pieces on flat bases and didn't have one the right size for this.  Might base it in the future.
      More Shrine Photos Below:
      Werebat 77448
      And rounding out this set we have the big baddie: the werebat!

      I really like how dynamic this guy is.  Really get the sense he's about to lunge at you, or take off to the skies.  I painted him up like the giant bats.  Don't love the paintjob, but it works.  I really like how his base turned out though.  The model comes on a roughly 1" circular base, but he's pretty top heavy.  I didn't want to give him a 2" base, but I'm really starting to enjoy basing these oversized models on 40mm rounds.  Especially with that tapering rim, they fit nicely without looking out-of-scale compared to other "medium" sized creatures.
      More Werebat Photos Below:
      So what's the story?  What would you use these minis for?
    • By Iridil
      I painted this up for my running game as an NPC. Had a heck of a time with her face - I seem to had inadvertantly ended up with a sort of mask effect on her eyes - and I'm going with that in game - sort of fits the NPC anyway

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