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    • By Reaper_Jon
      Dark Heaven Legends Metal Fantasy Miniatures
      04048: Catfolk Ranger $7.99
      04049: Catfolk Rogue $7.99
      04050: Catfolk Warrior $7.99
      04051: Catfolk Paladin $7.99
      04052: Catfolk Mage $7.99
      Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures
      44141: Rune Wight Warriors (2) $6.99
      44142: Rune Wight Hunters (2) $6.99
      44143: Rune Wight Thane and Jarl (2) $6.99
      44144: Dragonfolk Wizard and Cleric $6.99
      44145: Dragonfolk Bard and Thief $6.99
      44146: Dragonfolk Fighter and Ranger $6.99
      Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures
      44153 The PIrate City of Brinewind Boxed Set $39.99
      44154 Raft of the Damned $7.99
      Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures
      44147 Elemental Scions Boxed Set $29.99
      44148 Wererats (4) $11.99
      Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures
      44150 Blood Demons Boxed Set $24.99
      44152 Beastmen (4) $12.99
      Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures
      44149 Henchmen and Hirelings Boxed Set $29.99
      Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures
      44151 Crypt of the Dwarf King Boxed Set $34.99
    • By Sylverthorne
      Sod all to do with gaming, but I know we've got cat people with their own voids at home; and some of you might be into pins and need a Void of Blep of your own.
      Or.. heck, I'unno. Maybe you need void stickers or something.
    • By Reaper_Jon
      Bones 5 Kickstarter:
      Please read any Kickstarter updates here. If you are missing any pieces or have anything wrong with your order please email [email protected] If you have not received and email, please check your pledge manager page and see if it has updated tracking into. If you wish to change your shipping information mid-transit, you may do so by creating an account at UPS My Choice. (US)   NA/SA: 100% pulling and shipping. Now we are processing S.O.D's (Short or damaged) and are working through those daily!  UK/EU: Qoute from our Uk warehouse. Updated 8/5/2021  
      AUS: 75% done. Updated 8/4/2021. 
      Reaper Pledge manager 5.5
      We have re-opened the Reaper Pledge Manager for Bones 5! This is the last chance for anyone who missed the Kickstarter to get Bones 5 products at Kickstarter pricing. Bones 5 Backers who did not finalize their pledges: please log into the Reaper Pledge Manager and finalize your Bones 5 order that you pledged for in 2019. Anyone else: you MUST create a new account (old account log-in information will *not* work) and choose whatever you want. Forgot to order a Dark Depths Expansion? Now's your chance. Missed that dragon? Go get it now. Tell all your friends that missed out on Bones 5! The Reaper Pledge Manager will only be open for a limited time. Right now that window looks like 90 days. ALL ORDERS from this re-opening will ship in early 2022. Limited Items: not everything from the Bones 5 Kickstarter is available.  If you don't see an item, it will be available at retail in 2022.
      ReaperCon 2021
      There is a ton of information regarding RC2021, below you can find a list of useful links and info! 
      [email protected] - is the main email you need to contact for any inquiries. Class Tickets - On sale now! Swag Boxes  - Pre-orders have ended and are now just turned on for purchase!  Convention Hotels Reaper U Class Schedule  - to view our class schedule prior to purchasing your class ticket ReaperCon Website Admission Tickets Important forum post regarding MSP entries Volunteering application Gaming registration and schedule  ----  Want to run a game? Merch!
      New Releases!!!! <~~~ Can be found here
      Features, Current Events, & Contest:
      A new page has been added to Reapermini.com. The new "Contest" page will allow us to run all the quarterly contest and any future contests through this page instead of through just Facebook. This will hopefully open up the field for more people to participate and be involved with these events. There are so many possibilities from having judges with the new Judge notes system, wider variety of different types of contests, & so much more! Head on over and check out the new 19th quarterly contest page for rules and information!  The third quarter of the Reaper Challenge League is starting strong, with Q2 having the most amount of points and entries entered into it. We are starting to get a solid grip on how many pop-up events and what prizes to over at the end of the quarter. This has been a true inspiration and a fun event to hold so if you haven't checked it out yet we suggest you do so!   
    • By Grumpy Gnome
      Some cool looking Dwarves…
      I think I might get some treasure hunters.

    • By Scylla Models
      Kickstarter Live

      DDF Models is back in collaboration with Scylla Models presenting you new models for your collection. If you want to know more about us visit our website.

      A 100mm {Scale 1:18} models kit for artists/collectors and wargaming, cast in resin. Collectable Miniatures.


      Kickstarter Live
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