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Why 3 different paint lines?

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I started using Reaper paint 10 years ago but logged in last week to buy some colors I am running low on and now there are 2 new paint lines (bones & pathfinder) and their description is the same as the core msp description.  It's confusing and annoying.  I bought some new ones and 2 from 2 different lines look identical.  

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They are more or less identical.  There have been slight changes in ingredients as the base components from chemical manufacturers changed over the years.  HD was also an attempt to bring new, more vibrant colors into the lineup.  Bones paints are a blatant tie-in to the Bones plastic figure line, incorporating many of the new HD colors.  Pathfinder paints are likewise a straight-up marketing ploy aimed at that segment of the game market.   All the paints work well together, and all work with your older Reaper paints and most other brands.  


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Reaper paints of different lines are super similar, and they have almost an over-abundance of color options. Some are very similar. Like... Alien Goo and Moth Green are technically different, but if you have one, you don't really need the other. I think the HD line might have had higher pigment density, but that's been incorporated into some of the newer paints. As Inarah said, all of them work well together and with similar methods. They aren't like S75's different paint lines that behave drastically different from each other.

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Core is their main paint line. 

Bones is their 'one coat is enough' High Density paint that has replaced the old HD line. 


Pathfinder is a set of paints designed to match Paizo's colour charts. Paizo owns the names and specific colours. If the licensing agreement runs out, Reaper will stop manufacturing and selling these paints.   

That happened with the Heavy Gear paints for Dream Pod 9. 


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