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I am Working on my Adventuring kids. I liked the idea of having these Minis for my Kids.

Currently it is the thief. Well, my Girls dont like thieves so much, so it will be more something else. We will see.


I startet with some green. Looked a little scary. 


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This mini was unexepected difficult for me. I had it on my Desk for some while because I was unsure of the overall scheme. I didnt want it to scary because this would not fit my Girls preferences.

So I came up with the idea of some superhero Elements. The shirt was still dark but intended to become something Batman style.  For the Leggins I thought of Men in Tights and the Green Arrow Comic.

After applying Base colours and a face I was quite ok with the result. The eyes still a little scary but we will See.


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I added some blue to the knife and had to Repair some chippings.

For now I am done. It has the somewhat comic lookalike I was heading for and I dont want to ruin it with further trials.

The Kid waits for varnishing now before it will go to the Show off section.

Next Kid ready to go.



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      The mage took me longer than the others, because I was thinking about more options than for the others. I love the idea of kid heroes going for adventure in a realm of dreams and loads of wonderful encounters. We will see what my kids do with these ones.
      I did extra shots with one of my old minis. Its one of the founders of the dark eye and his pose fits quite well to the kids.
      Thoughts about the minis:
      The warrior is the bright and nice guy. He wants to be the hero beloved by everybody.
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