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Here's a terrain piece from Printable Scenery, this time a ruinous mausoleum. It's one of a pack of three (one of which is in two parts).


I have not yet decided whether to leave the mound bare and stoney, or to put some grass flock on it. I'm leaning towards leaving it though; I think it adds to the Gothic atmosphere of the thing.

I printed it on my Ender 3; it took about 28 hours I think.


As usual, Sergeant Measureby is there with his Spear of 5mm Increments, for scale.

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It looks good. 


I'd flock it up, though. There's already a little greenery on the building, it'd make sense for there to be some on the ground too.

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Posted (edited)

This is the third of the set of three in the Printable Scenery Hallowed Mausoleum set. Thus far I've just got it printed and primed, and since I'm going out of town for a week or so, it'll be a while before it goes any further, but I thought I might as well make a start on it.




I think this one definitely needs a sarcophagus in it. Fortunately, I have some that I got in the very first Reaper Bones Kickstarter that should do the job.



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