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Been planning to get a newer vehicle for a while. Want a Gladiator, however wife did not. So I decided to go with the one car I love the look of Chrysler 300S.  Want to get a hood wrap of a dragon on it. But till then I have the Reaper sticker in the back glass and another on the trunk lid. 6B852434-F0FD-4511-9520-1116455D1421.thumb.jpeg.da45a96aa2510102392f8b3c30b9e96b.jpeg



Still waiting on this one to arrive. 

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When we had a silver Hyundai Santa Fe I wanted to get the nose and cowl painted red like the old Santa Fe Warbonnet diesel locomotive engines. I got "The Look" from lady C so we didn't do that!

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I kinda wanted to do the Delorean look and put a Flux Capacitor in it. I got the look for that. The missus is saying no to the hood wrap. 

I’ve been wanting to do something to “make it my look”. The one I did have I had to sell when work was low to make ends meet. I named it The Punisher. I was planning on doing a skull on the hood with the teeth dripping down the grill. 


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