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Fallout New Vegas Great Khans Territory Marker

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One really fun thing about post-apocalyptic terrain-building is that I can so easily find things to do with leftover bits that would normally be trash.  Why?  Because, if nothing else, PILES OF TRASH are totally setting-appropriate.  😄  Most of the time, this means stuff like gluing together panels and doors and random reinforcements to make "scrap barricades," but there's a certain limitation in that it's meant to serve some sort of *purpose* (keep bullets, scavengers, monsters OUT), so there are certain *types* of "bits" that will get used more often than others.


While trying to make some terrain themed specifically for Fallout: New Vegas, I remembered the creepy effigies that pop up in various parts of the Mojave Wasteland, indicating areas either presently or formerly occupied by a post-apocalyptic survivor tribe known as "The Great Khans."



(Screenshot image from the Fallout Wiki, from end-game credits as the narrator explains the fate of the Great Khans in the epilogue, depending upon the actions of the player in regards to them.)


I don't really have a bunch of to-scale bones and barren branches to work with, but I figured I could still at least get the "spirit" of this look with various craft sticks, toothpicks, pieces of wire, and so forth.  And, another benefit of post-apocalyptic crafting is that if I make more than one, they don't have to look exactly alike: they're scrap-built, not mass-produced!




The main driver for this project was that I had a few Ogre Kingdoms random "bits" from an old "game bazaar" sponsored by a (sadly, no longer in business) game store ages ago.  (Various people could bring old minis and bits and such, and trade them.  The catch was that if any money was to change hands, it would be through store credit: If something was on sale at the bazaar for $5, then you'd go to the register, get a store gift voucher for $5, and give THAT in payment.  It was awkward, but I got a pretty good assortment of "bitz" that way without having to pay outrageous eBay markups plus shipping & handling.)


Anyway, the star piece here was that huge horned skull.  Dragon skull?  Ram skull?  Not sure what, but while it was surely intended to be some fantasy monster, it could still work here as some sort of post-apocalyptic MUTANT.  Huzzah!  The basic gist of it seemed to be, "crude vaguely humanoid form with animal skull for head, X-shaped body, crude wings, halo, and decorative bits on torso."  So I started assembling the "X" frame with a couple of Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf battle standard poles, some toothpicks, straightned-out paperclips, craft "matchsticks," and various plastic rods (polearm shafts, banner poles), lashed together with some much thinner wire and putty.  I made another supporting pole for the skull/head, and made the "wings" separately (toothpicks radiating out from a central core of putty, with little threads of putty to make the "leather straps" bridging each of the "wing" struts), then attached that on the back. 


Instead of hubcaps (which would have been rather small at this scale with the giant skull), I opted for traffic signs.  The STOP sign is from Mars Attacks, while the railroad crossing sign is actually an old Warhammer Fantasy blank round shield that I painted the "R X R" on.




Among my "bits" collection are various broken and/or half-melted plastic pieces from some old WW2 model kits -- including a bunch of wheels.  (Given the excess number of wheels, I can't help but wonder if the previous owner was converting a bunch of tanks and trucks into "hover" vehicles or some-such?)  I put one such wheel on the back.  Also, in lieu of a "halo" of radiating bones, I had an old pewter "wheel" that looks as if it's made of bone shapes.  I think that was from some old undead chariot model kit, but I only had the ONE wheel, so it had been left in my "bitz box" for ages.  (If only I had TWO, I probably would have made a chariot out of other bits.)




For the base, I used a large acrylic disc from a "junk bag" assortment from Warsenal.  (I was very lucky once to actually grab one of their "junk bags" before they cleared out.  Usually by the time I see the announcement on Facebook, it is TOO LATE, but one time I just randomly visited the site and saw it was available, and punched in an order by reflex JUST IN TIME.  Most of the junk is indeed junk, but I've still found creative uses for a lot of it.)

I used a scrap of poly mesh fabric for a ruined "chain link fence" (I used the same material for my Dinky the T-Rex tourist-trappy spot), and another random broken plastic bit looked to me something like a ruined fence or rail of some sort (okay, maybe a bit LARGE for a railing), so I threw that on there as well for some more interest.


I made use of some tragically wasted bits of epoxy putty (gobs of putty I had kneaded RIGHT before getting an emergency call to pull me away long enough for the putty to cure in my absence 😞 ) that I carved into "rocks" to add to decorate the base some more.


The license plates hanging from the horns and the "ONE WAY" sign on the base are both just printed paper elements.  I like to work those in when I can.  🙂

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Sorry, too much Text to read it all on a saturday morning but the terrain looks really awesome. I do only fantasy  at the moment but should i ever do Apokalypse, your way is the way to go. 


The story with the store credits sounded like smart Business to get them some extra cash.

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On 7/10/2021 at 2:47 AM, MediocrePainter said:

Sorry, too much Text to read it all on a saturday morning but the terrain looks really awesome. I do only fantasy  at the moment but should i ever do Apokalypse, your way is the way to go. 


The story with the store credits sounded like smart Business to get them some extra cash.


That's quite all right.  😄 I figure most people who ever see anything I post are just going to look at the pictures and go on their merry way, but I go ahead and babble on in "maximum verbosity" mode because ... uh ... well, I'm a chatterbox, is why!

I really miss the "Game Bazaar" setup.  It's the only game store I knew of that did such a thing, and I have no idea how successful it really was -- only that it was a once-a-year thing they did for a few years in a row, until the store owner sold out his stake to someone else, and the whole place got renamed and a lot of the old activities got dropped.  😕  

Anyway, I would like to think that the basic idea behind the Great Khans "totem" might still be of use in application for fantasy.  I've got a bunch of spare arms-holding-weapons left over from various Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy army boxes, where you'd get a whole regiment's worth of torsos and legs and heads to assemble into troops, but you'd get some optional arm-and-weapon choices -- so maybe you've got a regiment of crossbowmen, or a regiment of halberdiers, or a regiment armed with swords and shields, or whatnot.  Inevitably, there'd be a bunch of leftover arms-and-weapons, but no torsos to attach them to.  I'd never throw them AWAY, because every now and again, I'll have some figure missing an arm, or in need of a weapon swap.

Sometimes I've seen spare spears from Warhammer Fantasy skeleton regiment sets get turned into spikey tops for fencing or a graveyard entrance gate, or perhaps the spine of a mausoleum roof.  Or, random extra limbs get turned into *dismembered* parts to decorate the base of a larger monster, or to indicate the presence of a *trap* in a piece of dungeon scenery.

I was thinking of using a bunch of spare polearms in lieu of toothpicks to make the "wings" for the totem, but I just wasn't sure that they'd make sense.  Polearms and other simple "medieval" weapons could make sense, especially if I paint the blades to look as if they're made from scavenged scrap metal.  But having something MADE of medieval-ish looking weapons starts to look a bit odd.  So I just went with the toothpicks instead.  I might instead sometime do something like a shrine of spears or a throne of swords (wherever did I get THAT idea?!  ;D ) to use some of the "bitz" I've accumulated in quantity over the years for something interesting.


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