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Creative storing of unpainted minis.

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Hi All!

As I've been going through my Bones 5 goodies, I started wondering.  I've never owned such a massive quantity of unpainted miniatures all at the same time.

What's the best way to store them?  I don't want to throw them all in one big box - I won't ever find anything there when needed.  Assembling anything that is not being worked on at the moment is a bad idea.  So, keeping the unassembled in their little bags then?  Maybe try to categorize them - orcs go here, elves go there?


How do you store your unpainted minis?


Please share!

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I throw 'em all together in their original boxes! 😄


Bones I had a spreadsheet a fan made, so I tossed it into the box so I could find things. Reaper has pics from their KS, so I use them to find which box has a miniature I'm looking for. 


You can store plastic miniatures in plastic plano boxes, so you can always buy them in bulk when you find them on sale then organize your miniatures by type. It's more expensive, but it's usually easier to stack and store mini's when they're in a consistent container.

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I have a bin that is full of everything from the full order of bones 1-3 and the expansions and bits I picked up from bones 4.  I usually sort, and pick out minis for current projects and then throw the extras back in. 

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I have one of these hung above my work desk which I just use to house and protect all of my unpainted miniatures and current works in progress.  I picked it up off Amazon for around £35-40 a couple of years ago, and it can easily hold a couple of hundred standard sized miniatures, more if you make use of the shelves depth and really pack the miniatures in there.






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Ok here’s my process.

I magnetize bases before the kickstarter ever arrives.

 When they show up I cut open all the bags and sort them into categories.   Class, race, monster type.  

Then I glue all the single part or pre assembled minis to the magnetized bases.  

They go into lidded brownie pans that are lined with gaffers tape. The tape keeps them from scooting around  on the smooth metal surface.  
I then do the same with multipart and larger minis. 
Terrain and huge minis go into a cabinet.  

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My wife got me one of these for Father’s Day 2020, in anticipation of having to organize a mountain of plastic. 



Then I recently picked up packs of little zip-lock baggies from Dollar Tree. Each is roughly the size of the card backing of a Reaper retail humanoid figure. 



This way I can thoroughly go through each mini, make sure its parts are all there, and rebag it, then toss it in a bin, probably organized by KS mini number, with the number written on the bag. I can use larger sandwich baggies for bigger models. 

From the Bones 5 unboxing videos I’ve seen, the baggies I bought will be handy for the Core Set, but most of the expansions are already in single-figure zip-lock baggies anyway. 

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I use 16qt stacking storage tubs, clear ones with white lids.  Take some 1 gallon zip bags and label as necessary (villagers, elves, dragon, etc) and sort unopened figures into those. 


Someone will make a checklist. I print that and put a tick mark next to each item number as I sort.  List goes into the tub with figures.  When a figure is removed from the tub for painting, it gets crossed off. 







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Alright! Great stuff so far!

I very much like the idea of having unpainted things in front of me - on a shelf or not.  There is something about a bunch of unpainted figures standing together that motivates me to grab one and paint it.  I also like the catalogue approach, like in a library - find what you need by index, then go grab it from the right shelf.  Maybe I'll mix the two somehow.  I got 2 Plano boxes with changeable compartments today - going to give that a try 😎

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On 7/9/2021 at 10:05 PM, ced1106 said:

You can store plastic miniatures in plastic plano boxes, so you can always buy them in bulk when you find them on sale then organize your miniatures by type. It's more expensive, but it's usually easier to stack and store mini's when they're in a consistent container.


So, as a follow-up, I found a 3700 Plano Prolatch Stowaway storage box. The model is less important that that it's under $5 a box, that several boxes are available at the local Walmart store, and that they've been carrying the same model readily available for over a year. It's in the fishing tackle (!) section. The auto section also has inexpensive storage. The craft section is terrible for storage, interestingly enough. While 2" high, it's not good for storing large miniatures. You might not find this exact model, but hopefully you can find a satisfactory model you can reliably use with without too much hunting.


For large miniatures, I use a Creative Options Deep Utility box. It's also under $5 a box online at Amazon, supposedly available at Walmart, and can hold larger miniatures. However, it otherwise doesn't carry as much as the 3700 and I couldn't find it at Walmart. Walmart also has general use Sterlite containers for holding craft paints, unpainted miniatures, and general household storage use. Walmart, of course, also has craft paints for terrain and $8 extra-large pizzas for gaming night. 😄

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I ended up getting 3 plano 3700 and 1 plano 3700 deep (or whatever it's called). The deep worked nice for bigger things. The very big things, like the mammoth, went into separate boxes - plastic boxes I picked up at Costco a few years ago (supposedly for packing food). Did not create a catalogue or a list of any kind. I just kind of know what went where. Overall happy with the outcome!

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21 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

I got a roll of price stickers(sold in office supply stores), write the SKU on those and stick on the lid, above the mini it belongs to. 



Yeah! I was thinking of doing something like that. My Bones ended up in groups. So instead of SKU, I would write: orcs, goblins, etc.

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I'm storing metal minis, so it's a bit different - heavier with sharper edges - but I use a combination of crayon boxes (plastic ones, like you get at walmart for storing crayons, not the cardboard ones) and mini sandwich bags. In around November a few years back, I got about 100 of the crayon boxes for 50c each, and I buy the bags at the dollar tree. Minis go in something based a bit on size & a bit on convinience - multi-part minis and familiar-sized ones go in boxes, single-piece minis and minis with only large parts like dragons go in sandwich bags.

I label the bags with handwritten white labels with SKU and unit name, & track what I have, quantities & the MSRP on a searchable google spreadsheet (so that, if I ever have to do an insurance claim on the collection in the event of a housefire, I can provide my renter's insurance with a complete accounting rather than having to get a rough appraisal.)

I have to redo it b/c I traded most of my old metal for new metal at Reapercon, but when I'm done I was going to post pics...

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