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PetePaints Bones V (mostly)

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need The Wall on the B side... 🙂



On 7/11/2021 at 5:45 PM, Neatpete said:

2) Stone wall sections. These got the ‘prime black and dry brush grays’ treatment. Had a bit of fun with the one section. 


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Thanks for all the love!


Next up is the Troll nest from the Troll toll encounter. This one was fun. The slime got a gloss finish and I added some flock here and there.


I have house guests for the next week so it’ll be a while for my next update.





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I picked these Troll Hogsquashers up 5-10 years ago in a Redbox Games KS. They’ve sat half finished on the desk since then. I had to make room for all the bones, so I finally sucked it up and cleared these out. Spent a bit more time than usual on them knowing the fate of RBG, and enjoyed basing them.

Sad to hear of Tre and RBG shutting down as we know it. I always enjoyed his sculpts, and appreciate someone who spells as poorly as myself. Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of RBG!




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Speed paint. Gave myself an hour, just to paint, have fun and not worry about quality. Ended up taking about an hour and a half but there was some shenanigans and a beverage refill.


When overwhelmed with a ton of great stuff, a speed paint and a desk clean does wonders for me.




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