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Mousekiller's Dragon WIPs

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Just about a month with this guy on the table.  He is really nice to pick up and paint when I need to do the mindless grind, as I am hitting each and every scale.  But it seems like every session he is closer and closer to being done!  Need to finish up the tale, belly scales, top of one wing, and the inside of the mouth.  Then, I will need to paint the flame piece that is supposed to fit in his mouth and work up the base.  Any basing ideas on this one?  Or do we just keep it simple?



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A bit more work done, painting has been slow this week.  What do you think of the breath?  Still to finish, the rest of the upper portion of one wing, the belly, and the horns and claws.


@Glitterwolf: added the breath, what do you think?


@kazmania7: I definitely agree... I don't want it to get too complicated, but I like the idea of him hovering just over a cliff edge.



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Reaper Miniatures

Sculptor: Sandra Garrity


Next up, the young Forest Dragon!  Should be a bit of fun, except I shipped all of my terrain building things!!!  So, I went into the yard and gathered a few twigs that seem to work well enough.  Also, a pot of GW Aggrellan Earth and some coffee grounds!  This is going to be delicious to paint!







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