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Piers, Young Mage as a Red Mage

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Nicely done!


8 hours ago, Ganryu Kojiro said:

I'm told he looks like something from Full Metal Alchemist, but I've never made time to see the show.


It's the red coat and short blonde ponytail combo, it gives him Edward Elric vibes:-





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4 hours ago, Krassling said:

Fancy. I like him. The sculpt is very nice and you did a good Job in him.

Do you use hexbases on all of your Minis? I thought D&D works with square grids.

That has to do with coming of age in 2nd ed (where I recall a rule specifying that you could be surrounded by up to 6 medium opponents) and certain strategy games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 that worked on a hex. It eliminates corners, that sort of thing. Further, once you get locked in to a thing the tendency is to push it as far as you can ;)

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