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Bones 5

WIP is where the work starts in this thread.



Dark Depths: WIP SHOWOFF

Dungeon Dwellers: WIP  SHOWOFF

Brinewind: WIP SHOWOFF

Brinewind Extras: WIP SHOWOFF



Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen: WIP SHOWOFF

Dwarf King's Crypt : WIP p4, 7-10 SHOWOFF

Shadows of Ravenhome: WIP SHOWOFF

Spiders of Emrith Kul: WIP SHOWOFF



Adventuring kids: WIP SHOWOFF

Arakoth the Ancient: WIP SHOWOFF

Handmaidens: WIP SHOWOFF

Yog Sothoth: WIP SHOWOFF

Maybe more I don't remember yet


Starting with a dry fit of 19507 Spiders of Emrith Kul encounter set.

Not sure what to do with those bodies in webs on the slot. Need to go back and look at the pics to see if I should cut them or see if I have a spare slotta base to stand them up.

Backdrop is a black cardstock.


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19512 The Dwarf King's Crypt.

Not much to do here. The lid to the sarcophagus is bit warped on mine But water should take care. Remains pop in nicely. would have preferred a clear ghost instead of a blue one. Or at least The light green that's previously been established as "ghostly."


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Kid wants to paint 19284 Arakoth the Ancient (spider) first. Purple like the tarantula in Scaredy Squirrel.


The sprues number the legs. Save yourself hassle and transfer before cutting if it's not straight to gluing. You will also want to base coat before assembly for some hard to reach places. That's why I didn't do a proper dry fit.20210712_214832.thumb.jpg.987ae4485ba02af17bc2d78967dc4a58.jpg


Here's a comparison with the Spiders of Emrith Kul.



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And because the new interface is awful and not mobile friendly I lost my post like i do 50% of the time. Twice on this post.


19516 Shadows of ravenhome

3 figures need assembly - not pictured instructions lost to annoying.


And mixed with charnel pit.



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While a smol was napping,  I glued the abdomen and primed that and the thorax (black with a dash of purple) and prined the base( black and green), and marked the legs. Tonight I glue the rest. And tomorrow a toddler will paint.

Yeah so I NEED to remove that navigation bar right above my keyboard. Some sites have it, these forums being one,  and it's making it impossible to use. I lose my posts regularly. I use mobile Firefox. What is Chrome like? Really finding the forum redesign unfriendly


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So gluing stuff

Here's a dry fit of primed base and body. Thorax and abdomen are glued.


Here's a pic of why it's important to at least prime the seams before gluing. Very inaccessible.



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Igh so the amount of cutting I've had to do to get legs to fit in any way is annoying. I'm not going to have time to even glue stuff. I will spend more time assembling this than painting it. That's the wrong ratio for me.

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On 7/12/2021 at 9:27 PM, lexomatic said:

Not sure what to do with those bodies in webs on the slot. Need to go back and look at the pics to see if I should cut them or see if I have a spare slotta base to stand them up.

Looks like they're just loose... so cut and clean it will be. I just want to see if the stairs will fit assembled (sideways) in my storage before I do this. Might do it next for quick assembly.


And Arakoth is assembled and ready for toddler paint later ( I will prime legs and mandibles and fangs at lunch during naptime).


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Fully primed. I would paint the rear legs before gluing too. Access is bad and it will be easy to get paint onto the body where you dont want it.

Here's  3 pics because I couldn't Get it to display the right color violet.

1 auto with black background


2 same as 1 but hue and saturation upped


3 auto with parchment paper as background, also sitting on the base20210714_133032.thumb.jpg.dd77fc2b1b1658759e2798fecc990c35.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Someone decided to mix inks and things derailed from my plans faster than a D&D campaign


Pine green and light blue inks with buttermilk craft paint and matte medium which I spread around. I might revisit this idea for a water base. It feels like some sunlight refraction (Is that the right one?)


Stopped due to toddler boredom, broken front hand/mandible/whatever, and needing to revisit my plan.

Not toooooooo far off here, but I was hoping for wet blending time. I still got to spread around and blend a bit. Paint was slopped on in a few spots, and it would have been really cool if the kid had slipped more on. Anyway... things are lighter in spots than I wanted. I will have to see what I can do to update/return to plan.



At this point I think I'd recommend doing a basic highs and lows paint before attaching legs and finishing stuff up.

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    • By R2ED
      This one is coming along nicely. 

      A few hours later got some highlights done. Antlers did. Skin on the face touched up.   Beard kind of done. Eyes done...i think? 

      Next up will be the mouth and teeth.
      I have no idea what to do with those strange ports on his head behind his eyes. Open for ideas. 
      Also struggling with beard and mustache on this guy. 
      Need ideas for his tail color.  As well a need color ideas for spines on his arms and legs.
    • By lexomatic
      I few years ago I emptied a can of spray foam for some hills. I decided to hack up one to see if I could do some scatter that was more rock  pile than grassy hill like I've previously done (insert link to foam experiments thread).
      About a month ago I hacked the foam hill, and last night I glued it to a dead DVD as a base and clamped it.

      This is what it looks like now.

      I'm going to let it dry a bit more then give it some goop, then a modge seal. Then drybrush, and maybe some flock.
    • By crowsandbones
      Undead King from Bones 5 Core Set. 
      I gave him a backstory of going mad and believing the infestation of rats that brought plague to his ancient kingdom were loyal subjects rising up to kill the "traitors" that actually were just innocent civilians. He rummaged through the corpses of his former subjects and found the means to become a lich and raise a skeletal army to defend his "loyal" rat followers.

    • By R2ED
      Tried to keep this in very, very simple colors.  I think he came out okay.  Sometimes simple is good, right?
      Battle Report!

      * Cape and layers came out well.
      *  Staff shading was good.
      * metal highlights worked out well.  Used an ink wask to fill in the deeper areas and shade and edge highlighted.
      *  brightened the scale mail in the front which I think added a cool effect.
      * The staff and bones didn't differentiate enough.  I tried doing a dry brush that failed pretty bad.  Then went back and just did similar tones.
      *  I wanted to have more color in the body, but didn't see how to do it without pulling away from the grimdark look.  Open to suggestions you may have.
      *  Also could have differed the band colors on the staff a bit more.
      Open to feedback on this one.  
      I also need some good basing ideas.
    • By R2ED
      Got two more nearly done.
      I tried do keep the translucent look to the hands.  I love the technique that was shared with me a while back about "priming" these with matte medium to help paint stick to them and not lose that clear look.


      * Both hands came out pretty good with easy enough highlighting with dry brushing.
      * The purple was an interesting attempt.  I had actually tried using a purple wash below in the smoke area, but it didn't go well.  Swapped it back to blue.
      *  The purpled did, however keep more of that 'clear' look more than the blue did.  
      * The smoke effects came out great.  I used a blue ink to tint and fill in the deeper areas.  Then drybrushed a prussian blue.  Then lightened it up to a sky blue.  Then finally to white.  Cool effect!
      * I wish there was a better way to do the cut-off portion of the wrist on both of these.  They just don't have a lot of interest there with them going from smoke to hand.  I'd love some ideas.
      *  The knuckles on the blue hand was a little too strong.  I think I should have stayed to a lighter blue more than going to a white.  
      *  Maybe should have avoided the edge highlight around the wrist area.
      Now, what the heck do I do with these?  I'm going to fill in the stone work below them to have a blue hue to them like they are getting radiant light from the hands, but not sure what else needs to be done?  Interesting and fun!
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