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I do not have a brush suitable to painting eyes anymore.  2 years and they've all gone a bit too frizzy. Maybe I can find my nice brushes that I don't remember where I packed... or l'll get a temporary taklon. But stuff is probably done for now.

And the dollar store brushes.are now actually cheap,  instead of cheap and surprisingly good (I used an equivalent to a 6 round because it returned to a nice point for about 3 years, part of a set for 2$ most recent one had bristles fall out on first use. Eep).

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3 minutes ago, AussieAusborn said:

That lilac-y grey for the cloth is great, too.

Reaper Ashen Blue. The shade for the larger cloth is Reaper Denim Blue.

Trim on the beard wraps is Reaper New Gold (and copper/antique gold on bracers).

All the bits have been cleaned up, and the feet re-lined in anticipation of a wash. I'll see how I feel about eyes and more metal after.

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