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lexomatic's Bones V WIPs

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A bit more. I realized I did a leftover mix for wings, so quickly primed the other nightwing. Thinking of making her more feral and muddy.


Better pic of faces.20210725_082700.thumb.jpg.83bf7d693152a3559cf950c4bc7da624.jpg

The padding on my visor came unglued, but there's still unknown sticky stuff so I don't want to reglue. I don't want to buy a new one because it still works and it doesnt magnify as much as I'd llike. I also cant afford anything better. Urgh. Very distracting.

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Brushes split so stuff must stop while I look for brushes to replace the workhorses from the past 2 years.

Drybrush light brown and tan (2:1) on everything


Drybrush tan on the stone




Now with Corporea Black goat


I think a wash would be okay here. Not sure when I will do some green mold/lichen spots or muddy water effects for under the  bone pile.


And Shadows of Ravenhome minis

Had to redo the one face because brush split doing eyebrows. Got hair done. Decided to base hair and skin on remaining vamps. I feel like the minis from this set could be the female cast of What We Do in Shadows



Full progress pic of Shadows of Ravenhome


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And I lost my post again because of unfriendly mobile.

More Spiders... terrain


I did a shadow for the vamp skin, my sample green I'd already used and phtalo green(yellow) ink with medium made a nice greenish turquoise. Dont think it's visible without highlights


Girl gang, or supers?


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Shadows... stone work mostly done. Then a dry brush and wash and probably a few more cycles.


Also started on eggs for Spiders...


These will also get an olive green and a tan before getting buried under webs.

When all the bones are picked out and base coated then all the terrain gets a wash. Then we see what else is needed

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Lookey here:

Bones added (and more green to eggs but...whatever) for Spiders...


And light brown drybrush to stone for Ravens... I'm not sure I want to do much more there, really. Thoughts? Pretty happy as it is. You get both sides this time.


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