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Step one

Phtalo green(blue ) ink for osl. Looks like I could use a bit more centre feet.

Isl will be then phtalo green(yellow), lime green, yellow.

And 1:1:5 dragon green:bright turquiose:matte medium for orb. Will be lightening that with moon yellow


Maybe I should've put more layers between.



I think being less busy would help. 1-2 lines max per layer for depth

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You can barely see the pink line I added, but I didn't wait long enough before testing the next layer, so it's coming off. Now I have to wait longer for stuff to dry properly before I try again.



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This is probably my favourite place... right before adding the pine.


Kinda fouled things up. Though... looking at the pics up close looks better than in hand so, who knows.

Where I am now:


It's been a good learning experience, and I'm not unhappy, it's just not quite looking how I wanted. Could do it better another time.


I slowed myself down by drybrushing all the terrain.


Where we are progress shot


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I'm done for the night and probably don't have enough ink for my intended plan. Toddler decided to spill ALL my vivid lime green acrylic ink. I cannot just go and get some. Also it costs about 3x now what I paid for it. WHOLE bottle in my palette, which also means no painting while that dries up so I don't get any accidental greens.


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2 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Ugh, sorry!

I think the green glowing marble/lightning orb is great.  The glow effect works.

Yeah, if I'd realized earlier I might have saved enough to finish what I intended. This was literally the next step and then I was also planning to use it elsewhere. Everybody was doing clearance sales when I got mine and now no art supply stores carry the full line of liquitex acrylic inks in store. Also its 2-3 times more expensive. I faked a lime green with 3 yellow 1 phtalo green(yellow) and it seems ok.

Not doing any more tonight though


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Updated my original post sn6d will add links when WIP starts and when stuff goes to show off.

Someone has generously offered me a Buglips, which I will gladly paint and credit if they so wish.

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Spiders of Emrith Kul got primed and drybrushed to assist in identification. I know someone on spider Twitter who will see if anyone suggests real spiders as inspiration.  

One of the big ones looks like a huntsman to me. No idea about others.





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Dwarf King's Crypt sacred flame.  Primed with medium a while back.  Bottom is brown liner and a drop each of black,  white, and brown primer. More see-through than i expected.  Flame was Liquitex acrylic  ink+ medium 2:1 yellow medium azo. Pigment py74.


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    • By Chris Palmer
      One the past few weeks I have been working on the Zombie Dwarf Thanes from the Bones 5 "The Dwarf King's Crypt" Encounter set.   I ordered two of these Encounter sets, as I wanted doubles of some of the scenario pieces, as well as double the 3 zombie figures that came with the Encounter.
      To help make their appearance seem more varied, I swapped a hand between Thane #1 and Thane #2.   I also trimmed the circlets off some of their heads to try and make them look more like average Dwarves.
      (Edit: For some reason he photos uploaded out of order, so the backs of Thane #2 are shown after Thane #3 fronts, and the backs of Thane #3 are shown after Thane 2's fronts.)
      Thane #2


      Thane #1


      Thane #3


      The whole shambling gang

    • By R2ED
      I was focused on speed, not detail.  This was trying to work them with as few colors as possible.  The more I look at them, the more they look lik ea value sketch more than a painted model, but I'm looking for where to go with them.
      Another thing I need to know, is what do you all do with eye sockets?  How do you paint them or what do you do with them?
      For the woman zombie, I used an ink pen and am kind of miffed that it turned out than other eyes I put way more time into.  I know I can use this in conjunction with painting, but just dotting it came out pretty believable.  I think some of that is the fact it's a dead stare, so of course, just a wash and a dot does fine.  I would be curious to know how any one else uses the pens and paint in combo.
    • By R2ED
      It's the weekend and that means it's time to paint!
      Got two zombies up for some WIP.  
      I'll just start by saying - leave me any feedback you've got.  I'm open to hearing and improving from it.


      #1 - Buster Jaws
      * Really taking to this whole wet blending thing.  I used two colors further apart from each other in value and tried to test myself to push them together.  There's two different sets of this in both the pants and the shirt.  
      *  I am trying to keep the 'mother color' as I've heard it called in mind.  Since it's Halloween month, I figured orange would be a good one.  It was  hard to add it in to nearly all the colors, but it did come out well.
      *  Trying to push the bloody look on his shirt with some Magenta ink looks nice and fun (and gross).  My daughter was not fond of these two, which tells me I'm on the right path.
      *  Setting a goal of about 30 minutes for this was a tough one, but I think given the time I tried to do it in, limiting my palette, and pushing the colors worked great.
      *  Skin color.  It's just not dead enough.  Need suggestions on your favorite zombie and ghoul skin recipe.
      *  Hair.  What the hell does dead hair look like?  How can I make it look more "fresh out of the grave" and less "fresh out of the salon"?
      *  I attempted value sketching with ink and then overlaying a really lite wash of paint.  Not sure I dig it, but it worked.  Barely.  No pun intended.  You can see the value sketch below.
      Mr. I Suck At Dabbing
      *  This was actually the first of the wet blends so it didnt' get pushed as far, but the blending still worked great.  Speed, speed, speed!
      *  Knowing I have to give up a little of my detail to get a faster result is a good balance.
      *  I learned that this was where I could watch where the folds in the clothing were and step up the highlights in those area, which I applied to my following model.
      *  Eyes, hair, and skin again.  Not sure what I should have done different, but I know I should have done something.
      Here's the progress pictures (numbered)



    • By R2ED
      This was another learning project for me.  I've been wanting to make smoother color transitions and this was a model I was looking at and though might be fun to try it on.  I had no idea what colors I wanted it to be, but figured deep fish = deep blue.  I tried the fins with different colors, but blue and yellow seemed fun.  I am not super happy with the way the fins look, but I do like the fade I got from bright speckled blue down to deep indigo.  
      Washes?  Nope, not this time.  I did do some dry brushing, but I think I needed to punch it up for a better effect.  Still I'm happy with my dunka, dunkle...whatever it's called.  Fish dude.
      Leave me any feedback for improvement.  I feed off it like this guy feeds on crunchy things at the bottom of the ocean.



    • By Iridil
      So I needed an NPC - and this Bones V townsfolk called to me as a low level mage. He is supposed to be a ship's mage, helping dvinine weather and sea creatures, so I choose blue and then tried freehand silver symbols. My lack of freehand skill and patience quickly showed up! But he's good for the table and was done in time to use. He looks a bit worried - which fits the character

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