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02218 Abraxus Dire-Dead as the Acromancer


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I'm not sure what a Dire-Dead is, but when I saw this muscular fellow with a horned skull helm with a raised rear section and also a small piece of chest armor and also a mean axe I knew I had to get him and paint him up as the Acromancer, the lead villain of the Masters of the Universe-ish (via old Remco's old molds from Lost World Of The Warlord, Conan and Warrior Beasts) Realm of the Underworld toyline from Zoloworld. He didn't have boots or bracers but I still managed to translate the deco pretty well.


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51 minutes ago, Krassling said:

Looks like the red friend of skeletor.

Probably deliberate.




Why is the red skin so glossy? Did you use varnish or some blood effect?

No, I just used Chum Red from Reaper's High Seas Horror paint set that I got along with the miniature... Maybe it's just my lighting because it didn't look glossy as I painted it.

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