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Kemet: Blood and Sand - Onyx Creatures and Mercenaries


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Kemet: Blood and Sand is a reworking/second version of the popular game Kemet.  Set in Ancient Egypt, you gain powerful abilities and monsters by building pyramids of various colors.  Onyx/Black was first introduced in an expansion to the original game, but it is now part of the core game of Kemet.  


All the Onyx figures - 



Spear Clan Mercenaries - 

429232222_2021-07-1510_31_31.thumb.jpg.4c42b9eafd8dede105ccfcd4c9e74c4d.jpg 653483750_2021-07-1510_31_45.thumb.jpg.c69d2fbd50c61e79db1d557ccc6b5b79.jpg


Sword Clan Mercenaries - 

2099798595_2021-07-1510_32_22.thumb.jpg.6a94653378e5ac37a603c302e3e822a1.jpg 2083813321_2021-07-1510_32_36.thumb.jpg.1fb1351d0633ded0a5d9a50f9479fb9a.jpg


Khnum's Sphinx - 

1744038336_2021-07-1510_33_44.thumb.jpg.1227692911ea822654d39ea19f56bd70.jpg 1460396450_2021-07-1510_33_56.thumb.jpg.358e218c83784f4ddf1a86ad80e28438.jpg 457184407_2021-07-1510_34_05.thumb.jpg.5ef80e627aaba7b59fd109f2f95f3f15.jpg 


Griffin Sphinx - 

113473150_2021-07-1510_33_07.thumb.jpg.fd53fb532da5ac9724972f10a6be15b9.jpg 1102870286_2021-07-1510_33_13.thumb.jpg.9df4c2b2efd3132d167bb6c6cf0d149f.jpg 766741083_2021-07-1510_33_22.thumb.jpg.4123403aad381e438fb204361c583893.jpg 1297169249_2021-07-1510_33_28.thumb.jpg.a95e2956b3ce790745da600b3103e006.jpg 


Amout, The Soul Devourer - 

693456321_2021-07-1510_34_19.thumb.jpg.705ff5f51258b97f7d67f3d1c1c47f08.jpg 894622622_2021-07-1510_34_24.thumb.jpg.d6cedac32dd2e02e1a5c8166667c60b3.jpg 164843185_2021-07-1510_34_34.thumb.jpg.79b457d67ede6293732fed4cb1c6c4d1.jpg 

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