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Arakoth the Ancient ( Bones 5)


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2 hours ago, Rigel said:

I like the web-like brushwork effect on the base!

Happy Accidemt from toddler experiments on the base. He mixed acrylic medium, ivory craft paint, and pine/ cerulean blue inks (2 different mixes 1 green 1 blue) and slopped them on the base.

 I brushed things around to try and make it work ... then dry brushed over it all in greys and greens.

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20 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Looks good to me!

Thanks. I mostly had plans to add a bit more red to the bottom and blend more prussian blue into legs. Like 90%+ done Things could've been a lot worse, but I'm not going to have any time soon to finish or paint more.

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23 hours ago, Dwayne said:

Question-did reaper make 2 versions of Arakoth the Ancient???? Or 2 different size’s 

thank you for your cooperation

Paint More Miniatures 

Just the one. But if you want to see the early "draft" versions there's a thread showing the sculpting process. Highly recommended.

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