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Baba Yaga's Hut - Is it supposed to lean forward?

Dan S

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I was lucky enough to receive one of Reaper's Baba Yaga's Huts for Christmas and I have just started prepping it ready for painting.


A question for those who possess the building, is it supposed to have a forward lean?  Mine leans forward at a roughly 35-40° angle, but despite this it still feels very steady and stable on its feet.  I wasn't sure whether this was intended as part of the design or whether I need to heat up and rebend the feet to level off the hut.

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36 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

I don’t own the model, but I think it is supposed to lean forward some (like a chicken hunting for bugs to peck).


That was what I wondered, the display photos pictured on the box have the model stood perfectly straight and level, but the slight forward lean of mine does look quite natural and chicken like, as if it was intended.  I figured the display painter for the box art may have just made an effort to straighten everything out for the sake of the photography.



14 minutes ago, strawhat said:

I'm pretty sure mine is at a pretty noticeable angle.


If/when I get to it, I'll consider whether or not to straighten it out a bit (which is a strong probability).


I've looked at a few online now and it seems common. I am pretty certain I am going to have a go at straightening mine out a little.

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It can lean a little bit, but shouldn't lean too much. The lean will cause the chicken legs to bend more over time and eventually it will fall forward. I'd recommend boiling it and unbending it, unless you have a way to secure it.

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