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Mousekiller's Lords, Ladies, Heroes, and Champions WIP

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@Glitterwolf Thanks mate!  He is off for the judging, so hopefully will find out if he won tomorrow.  Apparently I won the contest from last week, I painted the Reaper Minotaur Demon Lord... we had 5 hours.  I didn't finish him either lol!


Next up, Kael the Irrascible from Rackham Confrontation.  Rolled a Mounted Chaos Dwarf Lord on the random generator, and this is the first one I dug out from the box!  Also, since he is mostly metal, I decided to use the GW Boltgun Metal Primer... first time for this so lets see how it goes!





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@AussieAusbornThanks mate!  Hoping the purple adds a nice contrast.


On to hour three, which really comprises of the red bits.  It took an entire hour because I re-did it a few times.  I am thinking that I need to make the gems a different color?  Green maybe?  Also, the glowing runes on the sword... was going to originally make them red, but now I am thinking green as well?  Thoughts?



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@Glitterwolf hahaha too true!


Ok, so I need some help.  The glowing runes just don't seem to be working like I want.  Any tips?


Also, keep the armor darker, or brighten it back up a bit?  Thought process (story wise) is that Kael is an overseer for an oil field in the Chaos Dwarf Lands.  So the base is going to get some oil field type goodness.... at least I hope.


Anyway, any tips at this point?  Plan to wrap him up soon.  Still need to do the boar fur (thinking grey???).



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