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Just some folk art


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Got another one of these simple townsfolk done.  I find they make a great opening salvo for the weekend before getting rolling.  They are more or less my practice pieces to try a few things before getting going.  Here he is - the farmer and his hoe.








*  Keeping the palette very simple:Brown, Orange, Cream, Flesh - worked well.

*  Washes of Nuln oil on the shirt, pants, hood.  Looks good and helped dull the colors like work clothes.

*  Used Agrax on the leggings and the shoes and the hoe to give a more dirty apperance.  

*  I used a mix of buff and white streaks, then washed it with Agrax to give the wood appearance.  Not bad.

*  Flesh was Rosy Shadow - why I used that color, I have no idea - and I did a fleshwash on it.  Then brought it back up with rosy shadow, then again did it with a little added buff.  



*  I really want to learn how to wood grain.  I can't figure it out or do it well and need some help there.  

*  I also am not a fan of this guy's skin.  I still don't get how to use the triads really well.  Or which skin tone to use for which kind of character.  It's why I like doing beasts or fantastical creatures because skin isn't really a concern.  Could use direction here if anyone is open.

*  Didn't want to use metal colors, so I just did a black to white to grey fade on the working end of the hoe.  Meh.

*  The highlights I went back in on the leggings, hood, and shirt are a bit much.  Almost look washed out.  Not sure what went wrong going back over the same areas with the colors after washing, but oh well.


For basing this guy - open to ideas.  I'm thinking just a simple 1" base and nothing complicated.  I'll do whatever someone suggests first.  


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This one is really well done!  You could always bring your highlights up a little more, and your shadows a little deeper, but I think this works well.  


For the face, I have been trying my hand at color variation for a few months now, really trying to get that realistic look into faces, so by no means am I an expert!  First, I would recommend hitting the eyes with a dab of white (or off white) to make them stand out.  Looks like you were able to get the pupils in ok, but hard to see where the eyes are.  Wood grains are not too hard, just think of highlighting the same as you do every thing else.  But on most wood grains you don't have the deep folds or nice bits to pick out, so you have to imagine where the gradients would be and simply highlight up while leaving some shadows on the flat surface.  I hope that makes sense?  Other bit I would offer is that the basing will definitely make the miniature more complete, and can sometimes completely change the look!  I have felt like a miniature was just un-done before and labored over it relentlessly, to finally throwing a base under it and finding myself completely satisfied!  On this guy, if you are trying for a simple base, just texture some sand and paint some nice earth tones, add some static grass and/or flock, maybe a flower or two!  Or, you could go a completely different direction and build a mini diorama of a pumpkin field!

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