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Stormcast side of Dominion

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Hey Folks


A buddy & I split the latest offering from GW, I went for the Kruleboyz and he, the Stormcast. I offered to paint up his side of the box as I really enjoy painting but it will also give me a chance to see if I enjoy the sculps before I plunk down cash for some of my own. I've painted the old stormcast models from Underworlds but those sculps never did anything for me however I'm quite enjoying the looks of these new guys. I'll make a separate log for my Kruleboyz when I get around to painting them. As he wanted Yndrasta to be the first one started on (because I take awhile to complete things) here she is. Still a lot of refinement to go & the OSL part has to be redone (not dark enough) but I'm enjoying this fig a lot. 

C&C is always welcome



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