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Lucardus Von Kemet Mounted Knight

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This is the mounted knight Lucardus von Kemet. Back in the 90s a product of FanPro and nowadays casted by Ral Partha.

My Kids used this model a lot, so I decided to Paint this next.


His Mount seemed to be a little small and didnt fit to a grandmaster of a Order of knights. So I Made a Base which should impose a little Hill on the battlefield.


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Lucardus used to be grandmaster of the Order of Golgari. They have white robes with black markings. During the great war he got mad and changed sides. Instead of fighting the undead he became a leader of them. He sold his soul to the mistress of the undead and leads her armies against his former brethren. So I decided to do the cloth of knight and horse not in white but in bonewhite and give it some earthy shading. This should connect to the Tones and colours of the undead he is leading.


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